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March 30, 2009


I have just received the Heather Ross book too, top of my list is the wrap around skirt. I have one of the vintage ones from the sixties which she talks about, and it is such a lovely fit - would be nice to have one in less garrish colours x

Weekend Sewing sounds right up my alley. Anything to get me to associate sewing with leisure and relaxation. I am determined to someday be decent at sewing, but first I have to enjoy the process as much as I enjoy the process of knitting.

Also, hooray for silly children! :-)

I'll look for these books in the US. Weekend Sewing sounds interesting.

I love that Material Obsession book and I'm eagerly awaiting their next book. And yours!

Great quilting book I made one of the quilts out of it. have a look on my blog if you like.
Always read your blog with love!

Beautiful Jane, I can't wait for your book to come out. I understand that you don't want to get too distracted by reading others on the same subject. What an exciting time in your life.

Cherry x

I can't wait for your new book, I have spent so much time with my Gentle Domesticity book that I am wearing out the paper cover.

I will have to keep my eyes out for some of those sewing books you recommended.

Material Obsession is fantastic, Jane! And very soon they are releasing a sequel...can't wait. Also looking forward to YOUR book!!

ooh i am so excited to hear you are doing a quilt book, can i clap like a nut here??? what the heck, its not like you can see me???

Hi Jane
Thanks so much for the plug on the book! The second book is out here in Australia in early May for those wanting to know. Did you know I have a new blog? Its www.thelastpiece.net please come and visit! Nice to know you have our book Jane as I have yours and am eagerly awaiting your next one. Thanks again!


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