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April 23, 2009


What luscious flowers! You are doing well to keep the blog as it is - time is always a precious comoddity, especially when you've got children to run round after.

What a nice message. I always enjoy your posts, I have been following your blog since reading the Gentle Art of Domesticity last year. As a mother of two who is often overwhelmed by keeping the household and my various craft projects on track, I can completely sympathise with you. I'm looking forward to your next book. Ax

Hi Jane,

As a blogger myself, I understand how other things can get in the way of blogging. Plus, a blog is the property and expression of the blogger. As a reader, I appreciate the time and effort every one on my blogroll puts into a post and thank you for the gorgeous pictures you do share with us.

Loved GAoD, looking forward to your next book.

Beautiful tulips! I love that coral/peach color.

And I echo the sentiments of your other readers: I'm so glad you blog AND create beautiful domestic art AND write books!

Your blog is as beautiful as ever, and you words are sweet.
Many of your readers (me included) are busy working mums trying to juggle too many balls and keep a happy balance, we understand exactly how you feel.
Your pictures and words remain a regular escapism from some of the more miserable things that are going on in this country at the moment x

Dear Jane,

I just wanted to thank you for the moments of beauty you provide for all of us. I often check the blog from work, when I just need a moment of escape, and am always uplifted by your beautiful photographs and words. Spring is farther along there than here in Ontario, and for me your photographs are harbingers of things to come.
I am so pleased and amazed that despite all you're working on you manage to post so frequently (certainly no apologies needed!)
All the best.

It doesn't matter how infrequent or how few words there are, it is always a pleasure to visit your blog Jane. Especially when the photos are so completely and utterly gorgeous as today. Wonderful colour combination. Good luck with your deadlines.

Your readers are loyal, Jane, and happy to wait patiently to see the results of your labours.
Good luck with all you have to do, and thankyou, as ever, for such beautiful images.

Your blog is a pleasure to visit, and you are an inspiration. I've recently moved to the UK and followed your blog from the US even before. Your blog has kept me inspired and been a bit of a guide of where to go to continue my creative endeavours here . Thank you, can't wait for your new work, in the meantime we will sit tight while more treats are being created behind the scenes until you can share.

Absolutely gorgeous! Someday when you are out from under your deadlines and you are wondering what to blog about...I'd love to see your tulip cutting garden. All my tulips stay outside because I cannot bear to see them gone - so I guess that is just a matter of planting profusely?

Your pictures this week have made me sigh,such wonderful tulips, my favourite flower in such profusion. I wish I'd planted more in my garden now!

Thank you for all the lovely photos of tulips! As a result of you tulip posts, I have now fallen in love with the gorgeousness of tulips and must now plan to have swathes of them in my garden next year. Sigh, don't they just make your day? Thank you!

Don't worry about your followers - we understand and we love your blog anyway! I always go to your first because it is so inspiring; especially the colors and the books you are reading.

PLEASE let us know if you decipher the names of those two varieties. They are breathtaking.

Thank you for your blog you provide for all of us.a 78 year women a great grandmother from ontario canada.Ebba Larsen.

Just to see your photos makes my day, so a few words as well is a bonus at this busy time for you. I hope all your new projects go well for you.

Your blog is a lovely place to be, whether you post daily or spasmodically. Thank you for sharing your flowers and your photos.

I miss your juicier posts, but eagerly await the next book! Besides, the tulips are nice. It is STILL freezing and rainy outside of Boston!

Can a color palette be edible? Yummy colors.

Beautiful tulips, thank you!

I've been reading your blog (this and the last one) for some time and am very appreciative of it, at whatever level you spend upon it.

'To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun.'

I very much hope you are enjoying all the work and new opportunities you have, as much as your readers enjoy what you do, and all that is to come!

Even if your prose is brief, your blog is still a lovely place to rest my eyes every day or so. Thanks for keeping it up! Can't wait to see what you're working so hard on, and you'll get those words down by 6/15. Hope you have a chance to put your feet up for a while after that. :-)

I adore reading your blog ...I find it very uplifting, inspiring and encouraging. Just like your beautiful tulips!

Althought brief of late your blog is always full of inspiring colour which lifts me out of the mundane. Since reading your blog I have begun to plant tulips and every year feel a need to plant more next autumn!!!

What a beautiful combination of colours which cheered up my morning! You inspired me to plant some tulips this year and they were a lovely dark purple colour - defintely would like to know what these were so I could give them a try!

The flowers are wonderful, we don't have tulips yet.

You're welcome!

Wow, those kind of make me ache.

Living in New York for 3 years with no outdoor space to plant after moving from Oregon!!)makes me sad at this time of year. Your pictures and what I imagine your garden must be like are a balm for missing the greenery and profusion of colors of my home state. Thank you.

Complete gorgeousness is right! That is why I have your site labeled inspiration.
I am loving the Gentle Art of Domesticity and I am wondering if Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer will be available in Canada?

Read this and thought of you...
"I love tulips better than any other spring flower; they are the embodiment of alert cheerfulness and tidy grace, and next to a hyacinth look like a wholesome, freshly tubbed young girl beside a stout lady whose every movement weighs down the air with patchouli. Their faint, delicate scent is refinement itself; and is there anything in the world more charming than the sprightly way they hold up their little faces to the sun? I have heard them called bold and flaunting, but to me they seem modest grace itself, only always on the alert to enjoy life as much as they can and not afraid of looking the sun or anything else above them in the face." (From "Elizabeth and her German Garden" by Elizabeth Von Arnim.)

I will never be bored with your tulip photos. Love, love, love the riot of colors. Thanks!

Those tulips look good enough to eat! They are such wonderful colours together that I really would like to go out and get an armful myself. Sadly my local florist only sell the commom garden variety, although I did manage to find a bunch of purple ones to bring home yesterday.
Keep the pictures coming, and I for ine will be eagerly waiting to see the photos you can't share right now when your book is published :-)

Gorgeous!! So glad you listed the type of camera that you use as I was quite curious about that. Your photos are of such great quality. Are you a professional photographer as well? You have many accomplishments and that seems to be one of them. I have never seen such wonderful color in tulips. Love it!

I took the plunge last year and ordered in my own tulip bulbs from your recommended supplier and so I bless you every day for the wonderful "utter gorgeousness" of my own display outside the kitchen window. Because of your book I renewed my interest in patchwork and quilting, taught myself to knit socks and not least I found Persephone and a new source of interesting reading. Buying your book led to your blog and from there to lots of other life enhancing blogs. All this has helped to absorb and distract me through the worst time of my life and I want to say Thank You.
It doesn't matter how full your post is though thelonger "richer" ones are relished, I am truly grateful that in a full and busy life you continue to find that extra bit of energy to show us your photographs and share a little of these exciting times.
Many thanks Jane.

Those flowers are incredibly gorgous! The color is fantastic. Flowers allways make me feel happy, but this boouqet is certainly lovelier than most! I love it!

I love your tulips, and am envious of your spring! Spring is coming very late here this year, although my neighbors (whose flowers I enjoy vicariously) do have daffodils and, so far, one lone yellow tulip.

Some lovely Tulips! We have a few pots of them in our back garden, which have sprung to life! No daffodils this year though, but plenty around the neighbours garden! Had a brilliant Easter, and hope you did too! :-)

Delicious tulips ... they bring great cheer to this gardenless city person.

Your tulips are beautiful!! As are all of your photos! So much color, design and texture in each of your creations! I love seeing what you photograph next!

Those flowers are stunning! I always enjoy my visits to your blog - thank you!

Gorgeous photo. Lovely way to start my day.

I cannot believe those are from your YARD. All of them, in one garden??? No wonder you don't have any time. ha ha!

Just kidding -- I myself, being a new Jane Brocket Fan ;-) am very much looking forward to the next book, filled with the words flying out of you. And by the way, I think your blog entries have been just delicious -- if not actual FOOD photos, then photos of flowers and fabrics so beautiful I wish I could eat them.

:-) Best wishes for easy writing....and lots of comfort along the way.

All the best to you and your words flowing in the right direction! Can't wait to see what you are coming out with next.

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