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April 09, 2009



Oh Jane, how thrilling, you are certainly whetting our appetites.

I can't wait!

So very pretty! I love the bright, bold colours. Can't wait to see your book, I'm sure the quilts are amazing!

Beautiful and exciting!

I'm just about to start my very first quilting project. Oh, how I can't wait until your book comes out. Teaser photos? Please?

It's difficult to look at those breathtaking flowers and think *leftovers*! So happy to hear about your new book. 2010 will be here before you know it!

Oh my oh my! Oh that book is going to be just delicious! t.x

Those are so beautiful! I love all the color - especially when it's so dreary here right now.

Leftovers never looked so good.

What super leftovers! Yum yum yum!

Jane...I've been an admirer for some time of your blog, writings, food, yarn creations and more. It was probably a year ago I found you and lost you. I now have my own little blog called Blueberryplains and just came across you again...today... by accident. I still love it and have added you to my favs. Great work and the colors are as vivid as I remember in your blog!....Debbie

Published simultaneously in the US??!!!

How lovely, when everything is grey and miserable a lovely colourful book to cheer up winter. Can't wait x

Wow! What can I say - fabulous exciting rich colours, who could resist?

Am so glad your book release has been brought forward. Did you get your quilts stitched up super quick or is this just the decision of your publishers?

Now that's what I call a RIOT of colour. Can't wait to see the quilt if it's a reflection of the colours used. Roll on 2010

i love the book you are reading from derek jarman. it's beautifull !

A rainbow run riot!!!

Jane, can't wait for the book! But keep on posting those gorgeous flowers - ranuculus are my favourites.

So beautiful. I am enjoying your posts of late! we still have snow over here and it's nice to see someone getting some spring!!! I LOVE ranunculus, I had it in my wedding bouquet, 5 years ago today!


I so completely covet these flowers. Absolute dreaminess.

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