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April 04, 2009


Wonderful! All the best birthday cakes have an unbelievable amount of sugar! Clever Phoebe! t.x

Oh. My.
Best....'til last!

Wow! I love it! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Wow! That's a lot a sugar! Best eaten outside in a large park where running and jumping is encouraged.

Wow, that cake is giving me a sugar rush just looking at it!

Oh my goodness... Sugar overload! Looks tempting though!

I think you would have to be under twenty to eat that much sugar. Lovely to look at however.

It's a beautiful confectionery delight!

Cake making talent runs in the family, I see. I'm sure Phoebe's friend will never forget this cake! I don't think I will, either. :-)

I'm a big fan of that Phoebe! What a fabulous creation...lucky friend!

Another fan of Phoebe's cakes here!!! Absolutely inspired! Lucky friend. :o)

Hooley dooley! That's almost as much sugar as my three year old ate a birthday party yesterday...!!!

WOW! What a fun cake!

Wow indeed! There really are no other words!

Oh wow! That cake is fabulous!

Oooo, This is super cute, and so very happy. It made me smile when I saw it - thanks for the post :)

did you taste it?



The nine-year-old looking over my shoulder wants a piece of that cake.

That is the BEST cake i have EVER seen! Well done Phoebe!


that looks spectacular. All the colours look beautiful together

so gorgeous!

Wow. This is surely a case where more is definitely more. Go, Phoebe!

My own mother would never have allowed such delightful excess. Such a shame, as she is a very creative woman. Sugar has always made her afraid. I suspect she is not alone.

We don't have birthdays every day, though... do we? Excess is in order.


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