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September 09, 2009


I love these pictures. I've said it before, but I really can't wait for your quilting book to come out. A x

ahh - your photos transport me to another world.
Lovely and I quite agree there's something so inviting about crisp and clean stripes. I'm currently painting a playroom with stripes and while it's taxing, it will be brilliant when completed.

I am with Aoife on the quilting book waiting list. I have had one cut but not pieced folded in my kitchen for the last eighteen months, maybe the inspiration will get me going again x

Coco is on my top 3 films to see - J&J and the one about vogue too. I would quite like to see all 3 in one session. Saw today that the V&A are putting on a quilt exhibition next year - can't wait. Have been to the room full of quilts at the American Museum in Bath and that was almost too much for me! Am already longing to see how the V&A will display them.

Looking forward to the next book. I love stripes!

I love stripes. In Nature, in Life. In drawing and painting. Everywhere! And now it is approaching the fall and winter months, when I seem to see a movie or two now and then, read more, sew more, write more and paint more! Yum!

And I love your blog even more than I love stripes!

Speaking of your much anticipated book...when will it be published in the US. Please say this winter!

Stripey Yarnstorm-still my original blog and still the best!

Nice pix, as always... I haven't seen the Chanel movie yet, but I felt the same way about "Julie & Julia", which I just saw (& loved) -- I wanted to see more about Julia Child and how she went from being an ambassador's wife to culinary queen of the television... instead, the movie ends with the publication of her book.

Love all the colours! X

Gorgeous colours and yes I agree - I also need to go see the film! xxx

All I see are garter-stitch strip/stripe blankets using someone's vast hoard of discontinued Rowan Handknit Cotton colors.

Damn you Brocket Woman, you've done it again.

Brilliant. I showed this page to my husband, then we went off to the Deckchair Stripes pages and then had to bookmark the page for Christmas ideas. Best combinations I have ever seen.

An absolute stripes fanatic myself, I'm in love with your stripey pictures!!

Hi Jane,

Haven't commented for a while but just to say, a lover of stripes like you will love this (I'm not involved with the site in any way, just thought of you when I saw this):

I had a very quick peek at your blog when I was away on holiday, and when i saw this post, delight was the emotion! Picture card perfect is another thought that springs to mind. I had the difficult task of choosing five free samples at the beginning of this year, and I remember thinking, as I was choosing, why not just go for all of them?! The ones I chose languish by my bed, and i feel happy every time i look at them, which is when I go to bed, and when I get up!

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