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October 21, 2009


Brilliant news to hear that this is now available. I will order it at once...hurray. I adore D Whipple and if you could now work your magic and persuade Perseophone to reprint her journal, I'd be most grateful!

I ordered it this morning ! What a treat to look forward to. A "new" Dorothy Whipple is an event and how nice that they asked you to write the preface. I think your blogs and book must have boosted their popularity- and sales ! I had never heard of Persephone books before your book, now I am steadily buying them up.

I read an ancient copy from the library a few months ago. I can't wait to buy my own copy of such an excellent read. Dorothy Whipple is a very special writer.

I've always found an important part of the pleasure of Persephones to be the introduction.

Look forward to reading yours greatly.

What a tremendous honor -- and clearly one that is special to you. Congratulations!

Oh Jane, what a wonderful treat and well deserved honnour. I always read the Persephone prefaces and will certainly be adding this one to my collection.

Congratulations! I have some of her books on my to read list. Can't wait to check this one out as well.

Yay! I loved Someone at a Distance, too. Look forward to looking for this new title when I visit the shop in late October. Did you get to select the endpapers, too?!!

Love finding a new vein of books--a new author to read and explore. Many thanks--and congratulations as well!

When you posted about Persephone and Dorothy Whipple about a year ago you opened a whole new way to find what to read for me...in that case I found Norah Hoult. Then found Virago Press and their titles. Then found the New York Review of Books imprint. But all in all, noting your sidebar of reading, how DO you decide? (and how do you have time, but that's for another day). Congratulations on the introduction; you are so right about its importance.

When a recent contestant on Mastermind chose Dorothy Whipple as her specialist subject, a friend who knows I am a fan of hers rang to tell me it was on. I emailed him after watching to thank him for letting me know and I got the following very tongue-in-cheek response headed 'Automatic reply':
"TJ is not answering emails at present; he has fled beyond the reach of BBC2, and is watching as his beloved country sinks gently below the Whipple line.

He will return only when the blessed Jane rises again to come to England's aid in her time of need."
(The Jane is Austen, I feel, rather than Brocket!).

To anyone (like my friend) who has yet to discover the pleasures of a Dorothy Whipple book, do so forthwith, and congratulations to you, Jane, on being asked to write the preface - I can't wait to read it and the book it introduces.

Big congratulations to you! I hope you have fun writing!

Jane, I am as captivated by your blog as ever, though am waiting impatiently for more of your quilting entries.
You are responsible for introducing me to Persephone Books, and look forward to this one ... but did you notice the editorial error in the second paragraph of the Preface? (Following on from 'talking directly to the ... ')

Their books are beautiful and their list well chosen . This one sounds particularly good .

I was so pleased a few months ago when I heard that a writer I love was being prefaced by a blogger I love. I shall put my sociopathic serial killer novels back on the bookshelf and revisit the old dove grey x

The Penguin covers and the Persephone ones are equally stylish. How nice to have the two versions. And how wonderful to have contributed to the new edition.

Congratulations to you, from another fan of Persephone Books and Dorothy Whipple.

I am lucky to live just a park (Central Park) away from the amazing New York Society Library. It has been around about as long as this country, and has an amazing collection both current and older books. The stacks are full of treasures, and that is where I find my D. Whipples, in their original editions.

Isn't reading fantastic? xo

I found High Wages last year in a country town hardware & seconds shop. Loved it. Then I looked again at Persephone Books vaguely remembering you linked them & Dorothy Whipple. Thank you Jane, I love your blog.

I think you have just opened up a whole new literary vein for me, having just spent 10 minutes on the Persephone website. There seems to be quite a few great books there and once I have finally ploughed my way through Jane Eyre I will try High Wages and then chooose some more Persephone titles. Well done to you for the honour of writing the preface.

Aw, what a nice compliment to receive from Persephone.

This sounds like a great book, and I'll have to look into it. thanks.

What a wonderful compliment and achievement...Congratulations. I have read all your other work so must keep up..Cheers, Yasmin

Congratulations - what a lovely thing to be asked to do.

It sounds like a very interesting read. I shall have to add it to my Christmas wish list. x

!!!Thrilling!!! I can't wait to get it.

How exciting for you. And the fact that they chose you for "your" Whipple certainly seems like fate. I just got my very first three Persephones yesterday, with 9 more still somewhere in the post...

What an honour. Someone at a distance was my first DW novel too. I loved it. I stayed up all night to finish it off, which is really quite something considering I'm already sleep deprived thanks to two lovely cherubs. Looking forward to seeing the end papers too! Aoife x

I can't wait to read this book, and congratulations on being asked to write the preface! I am very much looking forward to your talk at Persephone Books in Jan. as well :)

I'm half way through it, simply cannot put it down. Thank you Jane for introducing me to Persephone Books and the wonderful Whipple.

You've solved a problem for me! I always get a headache trying to choose just one book from the Persephone catalogue and you done it for me! Thank you...

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