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November 12, 2009


Yes I had already read Vanessa's when I came to yours. Extraordinary coincidences abound on these blogs. I'm sure Boden will clock up a few more orders as a direct result. I hadn't even spotted these in the catalogue. Sorry for the unintentional pun!

How funny, yes great minds think alike, eh? Love the socks, normally I'm a pretty conservative gal, but I do love fun socks, and I love your new spotty ones. Vanessa's scarf is gorgeous, isn't it? What a great job she did.

Great minds think alike. I have been listing after the socks, but Jonny's pricing is not for my pockets. Maybe they will be in the sale!!

There is something about spots - I'm a big Emma Bridgwater fan and enjoyed seeing her spotty aga in the press at the weekend! I haven't progressed to spotty socks yet although I think I may now be tempted.

This must mean that I MUST buy myself some of those socks. I had to laugh when I saw your post after looking at Vanessa's!

Right, so I thought I'd just take a quick glance at your blog over my cup of tea. Then I saw the link for 'Vanessa' and thought, just a quick look. Then I saw her Etsy section and ended up looking at all her watercolours. Then I thought I'd explore Etsy a little, and found the Community section with all the craft videos. So I watched them.... lots of them.... Then I realized my children were home, starving and no food in sight. They've had to put up with Cornish pastie and beans and I feel like a terrible mother! What's more, dear Jane, I think you are responsible, so I told them it was your fault! Still, I did enjoy it. xxx

I saw the sock picture and thought, "Hey, those are just like Vanessa's!" and then read your post. Two of my favorite bloggers wearing the same socks...great minds!

Not sure I could ever unpack them, don't they look lovely in their box, and matching yarn too. How lovely, it is that kind of thing that makes life special :-)

Oh, those socks are lovely and so cheery! I would want to admire them thoroughly before unpacking them too.

How lucky that my kids needed underwear and that Boden has a buy 3 items, get the 4th one for $1 promotion! Worked out perfectly.

Loud socks always make me feel cheerful!

I am another fan of happy socks. And also of Vanessa and Sarah London, and you!

It continues to be pretty marvelous to find how many interests are shared by folks round the world.

Here in NYC, I am enjoying a fortnight off from my usual shop managing duties, and am painting my 2009 vintage watercolor Christmas cards ... gaudy tea cup image, with lots of dots. Also crocheting gifts and knitting my first pair of socks. Yes, first pair.

Thank you so much for that just previous post about traveling to London a la Virginia Woolf. It was a gem, and I so recognized what you were observing.


Cheerful socks make for happy feet! Spots are definitely cheerful. You're going to have to take them out of the box to wear them, though! You know that--right? : )

Lovely to see those socks twice in one sitting!

I am going to ask Santa for those socks, and maybe that Virginia Woolf book x

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