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January 29, 2010


Well done you! Better late than never! I've done it twice so far, but am part of this small group of people who don't react to it very well (fainting etc) but I'm determined to try it again some time soon, it's such an amazing thing to do. You never know when you might need someone else's blood. I guess it's the ultimate selfless gift. I hope this post encourages more people to do it x

Well done! I am doing it in a couple of weeks time too. I don't know why I used to balk at the thought of it. I've also signed up for organ donation - http://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/ukt/default.jsp - This is so important. By the way, your pictures are so beautiful... as usual! A x

Thank you. I had seven blood transusions after I gave birth to my baby girl. I am forever grateful to the strangers who saved my life.

Good for you. I've been a donor for year, and actually now I come to think of it am due to donate again.

As someone who has relied on the kindness of strangers when it comes to health issues, including blood donors, thank you.

As a young person I was a blood donor and so was my husband who continued after I gave up because havung babies etc. Then a few years ago I need 5 units and was so glad for all those others whom continue to give. I can't repay now as you have to wait for 20 years after being a receiver and by then I'll be to old so glad I did my bit before. Even got a badge.

Well done you! I am a blood donating evangelist - it seems such a small thing to do when you know what a huge difference it could make to someone who needs it.

And I am also convinced that giving blood generates a kind of natural high - I always feel totally euphoric afterwards. Perhaps it's more to do with a half hour of peace and solitude with my book while I do the deed...

Good for you! I gave blood for several years before I started having babies, and I plan to go back to it once I can. It is such an easy thing to do and it can help someone else so much.

Please everyone also consider the bone marrow register and organ donor register.

Huzzah for Jane, Blood Donor! I donated platelets yesterday for the first time in over a year. I always say that whatever minimal time and inconvenience it costs to donate, it is absolutely nothing when compared to the gift you are giving someone in need. Bravo all of us!

I love all your red photo's. I have been giving blood for 20 years now! funny doesn't seem that long. I believe you should be willing to donate if you can, you never know if you or your family will be need of a transfusion. Well done. x

What a wonderful thing to do. I am unable to give blood & think it is an amazing thing that so many people can, and do.
Chris x

Thank you to whoever gave me my two blood transvusions, I just wish I could repay the compliment but I am unable to give blood now.

That last picture is so creative. I'm glad that you gave blood and did it so thoughtfully.

I'm another grateful recipient of blood products in recent years and I'm so aware of the debt I owe to people whom I'll never meet. Thank you for doing your bit, jane

Due to the fact that I have been on blood thinners during different times in my life I am unable to give blood. I have needed blood though and I appreciate those that do give blood.
My husband has given both blood and then he did directed platelets. My sister was going through stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and he and one of my brothers would give directly for her. My husband is Italian and my sister always claimed that she felt like eating pasta and having something with garlic after she received his platelets.
I am fortunate to be alive due to the generosity of a blood donor and my sister is alive due to the donation of a bone marrow transplant and blood transfusions and platelet transfusions.

congrats! not that one should give blood for selfish reasons, but there's a theory out there that women become more prone to heart attacks post-menopause b/c they stop bleeding every month... (I think they found that men who give blood have fewer heart attacks and correlated it to iron in the body?) -- sorry to be vague, I think it was a Danish study -- anyway, without knowing how old you are, something to think about!

Congratulations, Jane, for finally doing it! I've been giving for 30 years, ever since a friend was in a mountain climbing accident and needed 2 units. I realized that if it weren't for some anonymous strangers, he'd have been in bad shape. I have a number of friends who are too small to give, so I give as often as I can to make up for that.

I love red too; when I was a child, of the three girls, I was "assigned" the color red, meaning the clothes mother made for me were primarily red. :) It is still my favorite. Your red photots make me smile!

Very well said about us all being the same at the core. It is so important to remember.

It's called presyncopy if I remember correctly from my own days getting light headed after giving blood. If you tell them you have it, they let you have your snacks lying down! A trip to an agricultural area in China disqualified me in 2002. I wonder if I'm still banned? I miss the Lorna Doone cookies and apple juice afterwards, as I requested extra time lying down (and not going back to work quite yet).

I used to donate blood before moving overseas and now I can't until I go back for at least 3 years. Sometimes I have only been allowed to donate platelets. Such a good thing, though!

Good for you.

And lovely pictures too. As you can see, I'm partial to red, myself.

Well done Jane. My husband donated for many years but we're both unable to now, which is a shame as mine is a slightly less common type, I'm told. I've received several tranfusions over the years and always wished I could give some back in return. I've never been bothered by the sight of blood or needles but my father couldn't stand either, but he would still go and give blood - we always joked that he must have been blindfolded throughout.

Just to echo Lucy, i too needed blood after giving birth to my daughter. Giving blood really does save lives.

Jane I am so grateful to you and every donor. My father required countless units of blood to survive multiple surgeries. Watching that beautiful red lifeline drip into him via his IV was like seeing a universe of good souls cheering on his survival. People (like you!) care for one and other. A very beautiful thing.

Great post. As an RN on a medical/palliative unit,I "hang" blood almost every shift. It surprises me when the nurses don't also give. Go knitters.

You got a peanut butter sandwich???? They only give rich tea up here! Not even red a jammy dodger.... t.x

Good for you! I used to give blood but since having a transfusion after the birth of my daughter I'm not allowed to any more! Sob!

What a great new thing to do for the new year. I used to give blood when I was in college, but had to stop when they put in new donor guidelines - oddly enough, it's my 3 years of living in England that disqualify me. (Your post prompted me to look up the rules again, just in case they'd changed, but no. Still can't give blood any more. Silly mad cow disease.)

Total equality apart from gay people, unfortunately :/

Like Karalee, I'm disqualified from giving blood due to living in the UK during the CJD period. I used to before that and I remember the lure of a free Mars bar got many of my fellow student nurses into the blood bank!

Good for you! I was a donor for years until health issues made me ineligible. Now my son is the donor in our family.

That's made me think...

I have been a recipient after heart surgery at 16yrs old and feel thankful for the altruism of people who have taken the trouble to donate blood for recipients they will never see or know of. Thank you and everybody else who gives blood.

I love that you could donate, but your last paragrah is unfortunately completely untrue. Amongst several other groups, ALL gay men are banned from giving blood, regardless of their sexual practises. This is blatant discrimination. Heterosexual people who have the same type of sex are not even asked about it - gay men who may or may not do this are banned. There is no reson for this, especially as the blood stocks are urgently needed and all blood is screened for disease anyway.

Well done for donating! But please could you consider editing your last paragraph?

Blood collection in the UK is extremely discriminatory towards gay men, with no good reason (as has been pointed out up thread).

Good on you. I started donating blood at 18 although as currently pregnant I haven't done so for a while. Post-baby it really is something I should do again.

Have to agree with the above comments though. The fact that all gay men are prohibited from donating does annoy me immensely.

I (finally!) gave blood on my 51st birthday and have donated regularly since then. I don't know what took me so long - a mixture of cowardice and always being too busy, maybe but that particular day I was passing the donor centre and the sandwich board invited me to "walk up". So I did. I bruise extremely easily and it looks very dramatic for a couple of weeks afterwards but I feel very proud that I got around to it and a little ashamed that it took me so long!

I am so very in love with the last photo! Very clever.

Thanks to you and to everyone who has given blood. During my mother's illness, more than once we were in need of large quantities of blood and plasma. Because of the donation of others we were able to have my sweet mum with us a little bit longer.

Lovely photos, as ever, but I especially love the first one - my dad has (most of) a coffee set in that red & white polka-dot pattern. I suspect that's where my love of vintage everything began!
Next stop www.blood.co.uk to ask if I can donate - I'm arthritic & take regular doses of strong painkillers, so I've always assumed not, but it can't hurt to ask.

Good for you Jane. You inspire me yet again! I've been thinking for years that I really should donate ...
And, beautiful images.

good job! I was always too "small" to donate, when it was in vogue....I think I've met the weight limit now! I'm in!!!

Oddly enough, I'm not eligible to donate in the U.S. because I lived in England for 6 months in 1988. They implemented the rule several years ago, and still haven't lifted it. Apparently, I'm at risk for mad cow disease.

Also think you should edit your last paragraph as the National Blood Service discriminates against gay men.

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