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February 11, 2010


It sounds like you had a wonderful time. When we lived in England we used to take day trips all the time. We saw so many neat places, and I know we didn't begin to scratch the surface.

I love my jaunts around London through your eyes.

If you haven't been to the Denis Severs House yet, I can recommend a visit whilst you're in Spitalfields - it will keep you talking and thinking for ages afterwards.


Quite agree with you Jane. Lots of wonderful English places to visit - so good for the carbon footprint. Wouldn't mind a bit of Caribbean weather today though!

I enjoy traveling with you since I probably won't see England. Your pictures are wonderful!

Sounds wonderful! I do hope to see those sights someday. I agree that some of the best getaways are close to home. Have a wonderful time!

Have you read " The Blackest Streets:The life and death of a victorian slum" by Sara Wise? A cracking read about the Old Nichol whose residents were rehoused in the boundary Estate.Should suit your holiday in Sitalfields very well. Don't know about you but I love to read something set in the place I am staying!
Have a good holiday.

Wonderful ideas to follow up some day - thank you so much. And who knew an English February could be so vibrantly colourful!

What! You went to Bethnal Green and didn't visit the dolls houses at the V&A Museum of Childhood?!

I love Columbia Road and the Children's Museum. We spent many happy Sunday mornings at the flower market and now go back to all the wonderful shops down there, especially Ryantown, my best favourite. Love the flowers. Made me feel springlike!

Weird or what?? Are we separated twins or something? This is one of my favourite walks, with all my favourite places along the way. My grandparents were all Eastern European Jewish immigrants and lived around this area in the 20C until the late 1940s. My dad was a black cab driver and used the cabmen's shelters and the cafe in nearby Shoreditch in the 1950s and 1960s. A fascinating area, with a palimpsest-like feel to it.

And for a novel with a palimpsest-feel, have you read An Acre of Barren Ground by Jeremy Gavron? What a wonderful idea having a holiday in London, I'd love to do that - and I live here!

And now I feel I've vacationed there too! Thanks for this lovely post. Oh, and nice necklaces, too.

I'm glad to hear that Pelliccis is still going strong. I have fond memories of the place. Once, while I was enjoying a frothy coffee, I looked up and found that Gilbert & George were on the next table each with an enormous cherry bakewell. It was an extraordinary sight, two tweedy men gazing down at a pair of comedy breasts.

I agree. England is the most fabulous tourist estination of all. Great photos

Seems like you had such a wonderful time! It's always so lovely to take the time to visit places that are on your doorstep!

As a "dyed in the wool" Anglophile, I completely understand your appreciation of all things British.

Thank you for the photo tour. I enjoyed it tremendously!

Bethnal Green indeed has a lot to offer - I am still realising that. When I first went there I didn't get it but you just need to walk about a bit and soon you get the idea...maybe when I return to London one day I shall live there...maybe...xxx

Oh goodness, what I would give for a day there...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)


This is such a timely and wonderful reminder for me to seek out the new and undiscovered close to home.

Although...you live in a place with LOTS of fascination, nooks and new treasures. The grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence.

:-) Seriously, though -- I love this post and the message that comes with it.

Ah, you made me homesick for London! At present we are living in Australia - great experience and adventure - but oh, how I long for home sometimes! Thank you for giving me a little tour this morning - it brightened my day.

I loved the little tour around one of my favourite parts of London. Being a born and bred West London girl, I find East London to be an exciting contrast full of places to explore.

I love Angela Flanders in Columbia Road - have you been there? It's heaven in lots of bottles! x

How eerie... this is the first time I've read your lovely blog and I'm reading a book called Necessary as Blood by Deborah Crombie which is largely set in Spitalfields. All of the places you describe in both words and photos are mentioned in the book, which has a beautifully illustrated map of the area on the end papers. I envy you your London nooks and crannies. Here in the eastern part of the US we're surrounded by dirty snow and sidewalks too narrow to navigate!

That's so funny, I've just got a job working right next door to Spitalfields. I'm looking forward to checking out all the best bits. :-)

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