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February 26, 2010


I too loved Georgian houses in Bristol and was lucky enough to live in Hope Square, Cornwallis Crescent, Royal York Crescent and Worcester Terrace whilst I was a student at the art college way over in Bower Ashton. Interiors nearly always featured the perfectly proportioned Georgian window and my final year dissertation was on Windows too! Happy days.

What a lovely post. I've just left a Victorian flat in Clifton (huge rooms and sash windows) but I always envied those who lived in the Georgian terraces. One day... *sigh*

Your flat sounds absolutely wonderful. What a beautiful window, just right with those two potted plants.

Jane - you are making me far too nostalgic for my old life in Bristol - enough now!!

I live near Bristol and Bath and love the houses in both cities. I love the pastel painted rows in Bristol and the symmertry and perfection of those in Bath and all in that beautiful stone.

Jane - I love your post for today...the picture is wonderful. It would be the perfect place to sit, read or craft. Love the plants. Everything is semetrical...which I like. I also love your book.

Or what about an appartement at Palais Royale or Place des Vosges, where the ghosts of Diderot and his philosophes could still discuss l'humanisme and their next chess move?!

Lovely. I never knew I wanted to live in a Georgian until I read this post. Hee hee.

I too developed late a passion for those spaces. The closest I got while at Bristol was living in Clifton Hill House and visiting friends in the Callendar wing and envying them their lovely places to sit by the windows.
But I did develop a taste for the lovely functionality of my 50's wing, and have since had a little thing for modern and well-built.

You would love A Lust for Window Sills: A lover’s guide to British buildings from portcullis to pebble-dash by Harry Mount. It is beautifully written with great wit, and well illustrated.

The symmetry of Queen Anne and Georgian architecture has always delighted me. I have indulged my love by purchasing a Georgian style dolls house. Not quite the same as actually living in those wonderfully proportioned rooms, but great fun for creative decorating!

Lovely photo.
I too am reading Amanda Vickery's book but only managing a few pages at a time as finding it heavy going. I really have to concentrate to take it all in and digest. However, am enjoying it nonetheless.

I loved the story of the old boyfried and the lilac bush--what a guy will do to win a gal's favor!

Love the words and picture on this post. I've always wanted a house with a window seat so that I can look out over the frosty landscape like Jane Eyre.

I like the proportions of both this window and your measured view of proportionality in life. The sense of grace in Bath city centre had quite an impact on me when I lived there, and one day I hope to live in an old house where there is ample room on the landing to turn a sedan chair.

Delighted to discover your blog!

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