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April 12, 2010


Would this be a beginners book? Given that I love every picture you have taken, quilt that you have done, not to mention knitting. (Got to be those British genes!) I might as well just jump right on in.


Jolly good!

Can't wait to get a copy.

Lovely! Just checked on Amazon here across the Pond and it will be available 16 May! I've pre-ordered my copy!

I pre-ordered it what seems like ages ago and amazon have been keeping me informed of its impending arrival. I hope it gets here before the Easter holidays finish. I expect I'll need several good hours for my first reading. Can't wait and thanks in advance!

Right I'm off to seek a copy!

Followed your link and ordered - should be here in 48 hours and Hannah's doing her final major project (foundation in fashion textiles) which is, funnily enough, a quilt! So it will be very much appreciated - can't wait!

Ordered a copy for my sister in Australia today, and it happens to be her birthday today too, so it was meant to be!

It's all over the V&A shop, v lovely looking on their displays

I had a sneak preview, for it was at the V&A last week. Glorious.

There were lots of copies at the V&A Quilts exhibition a couple of weekends ago - they obviously couldn't wait to get their hands on them until the official release date!

We were pouring over it in the V&A - gorgeous. Planned to get it from Amazon but they are showing as out of stock already! Cursing myself for not pre-ordering or grabbing it at the V&A when I had the chance...

Mine has been pre-ordered for some time now. I hope they release it quickly here in the US!

i have it on order and can't wait to get it!!

I shall be heading out to Wonderwoman's place sharpish to have a look as I don't know when mine will get here!

Hee hee, "calories:0". Unlike knitting.

Yes, very v.g.! Yours are the only quilts I have ever liked. I'm not so much into the traditional styles, yours are so fresh and simple and vibrant.

Congrats on the great news! It is always nice to see a project come to a full completion.

I absolutely positively cannot wait to get the call from my local bookstore to tell me that spring - in the form of this lovely book - has truly arrived. I will probably have to grab a cup of tea and a scone and peruse the pages b/4 I get out the door of the shop. Congrats to a wonderfully creative woman who makes this world a cozier, prettier, more enjoyable place.

Hmmm, the book cover they show has title of 'Inspired to Quilt'. I'm sure it will be a total gem.

Already preordered my copy - now counting sleeps - but could it seriously be as good as The Gentle Art of Domesticity? That is my go to read whenever the crumbs and chaos overwhelm me!

Just ordered my copy, have loved your other books so looking forward to this one very much!

Looking forward to getting a copy - I am sure it will be another huge success for you. It must be amazing to know your work is out there in so many homes!


I think the book is fantastic Jane, ive been reading bits of it ever since I found it on the door mat this morning.Lovely pics and lovely quilts.

Jane, I received mine today, fortunately despatched before the volcanic dust cloud spread! The timing couldn't be more perfect as I'm back at work after 3 weeks holiday in the US, so this definitely made my day. I've had a quick peek and it is just beautiful. Of course. Congratulations, and thank you.

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your book, The Gentile Art of Domesticity, only a couple weeks ago and I absolutely adore it! It is one of my favorite reads!!!

Thank you for all your artistic inspiration,

It's a great book and will I'm sure. continue to be a great inspiration. Keep publishing!

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