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June 27, 2010


I've just seen a Leica recommended on the telly and thought mmmmm, maybe for my next camera. I know what you mean though about the small things being important. Tried and tested is best!

I know exactly what you mean about change.....I just don't like CHANGE!
Julie xxxxxxx

My car was broken into while we were on holiday in Vancouver BC and all my cameras and video stuff was taken. I mourn the loss of the photos and video in them the most, as those are irreplaceable. However, I really really really miss my camera! Insurance payments allowed me to get an even 'better' one, but I still haven't gotten used to my new camera, probably because I fool myself into thinking my iPhone does just fine. I think you've inspired me to pick it up and MAKE it an extension of my eye, as my other camera definitely was.

my husband is a huge leica fan.
your photo card is extraordinary.

Oh I really do know how you feel...I do make changes, but it's always stressful and given the choice I'd really rather not...

The toenails are ace by the way. You certainly know how to do feet!

I desperately want green toenails now!

Your photographs are beautiful Jane, and after reading your blogs and books for a while now, I have finally been inspired to take more colour photographs and move away from my beloved black and white conversions.

If you are planning to come to NYC soon (and if it is still showing...), the Cartier-Bresson exhibit at MOMA is/was incredible!

Thank you for the MOO link - completely new to me and just what was near the top of my to-do list! Serendip!

Nothing wrong with having a camera shop in a chemist - where did you used to get your photos developed when you were younger, after all ?!

Interesting reading about the accidents your cameras have had..... and your lack of liking for change (wrote the woman who has a piece of knotted string holding her iron handle to the base and a broken cocktail stick which keeps the power switch to her washing machine depressed when she needs to use it!)

how funny, I didn't even notice the feet with the green toe nails at first; must have thought it was part of the foliage ;). My father, who was a professional photographer, also loved his Leicas.

Although I own a digital camera, I still prefer to faff about with my late husbands Yashica-Mat, a heavy old PROPER camera as he would say if he were alive. But as I get older it gets heavier and too cumbersome to be bothered taking out with me, so I don't think I will be using it much longer. But I love the colour reproduction of your photos, and the clarity too. Not sure about green toe nails though :)

Stunning photos! The twelve months of getting used to it have paid off.

I have been scared to death to buy a new camera to replace my aging Nikon S7. I don't do well with change, and I dread re-learning a new camera.

Thanks for posting your experience with your Leica. I feel much more optimistic about a new camera after reading about yours! (And your pictures are always so lovely.)

I love how you capture color, and how you don't overexpose things as is so chic right now. Thank goodness you continue to find cameras you're comfortable making your art with!

This post has just made me sigh self-pityingly; my own camera (a point-and-shoot Canon Ixus 100) was either lost or stolen a few weeks ago. Before I lost it I don't think I would have realised just how much I would miss it, and miss composing shots -- like you, it took me the best part of a year to get to this stage, but I think I was really getting the hang of it. Oh well!

I can relate to the resistance to small changes. This post had me giggling along as I recognized some of myself in what you were saying. Your photos are great on whatever camera you are using- the colour and light look so lovely. Sometimes the light here in australia is so harsh and washes out all the colour (plus I am a very amateur photographer!)

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