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June 17, 2010


Interesting that you mentioned Aaron Johnson and THAT acronym in the same post, considering who he goes out with...
Thanks for reminding us of "Bright Star" - I so wanted to see this but couldn't get organised enough so will put it on my LoveFilm list straight away !

I've had 'Brooklyn' in my 'save for later' pile at Amazon for a while now... after reading your posting, I think I will put it in the basket for next time... which at least reduces the 'save for later' pile... for now.

Oh I laughed out loud at the rudely named polish. I only came across that term about a year ago myself, ignorance can definitely be bliss at times.

I have read so many good reviews of Bright Star, I must go and add it to my rental list.

Ha, interesting! I loved A Serious Man, but found Bright Star pretty boring - just wallowing lovestruck indulgence. I found this review of it in another blog It's pretty long, but worth reading to get to the end section where she fulminates about the washing being left out in the rain!

"Still Missing" is based on a true story that happened to friends of Beth's. There is a movie based on the film and if you watch closely you will see Beth and a few quilts. Beth is the author of "A Perfect Patchwork Primer", one of the books that helped revitalize quilting in the mid '70's.
Cheers! Barbara in Nova Scotia

How funny my mil (mother in law that is, NOT milf) just handed me a copy of Brooklyn this morning. Not sure I could deal with Still Missing - just reading the words "six-year-old goes missing" made my throat tighten.

Thanks for the list, Jane! Did you know that Beth and her (then) husband, Jeff, were at the forefront of the modern quilting resurgence in the 1970s? Her book, The Perfect Patchwork Primer, and his fabrics, one of the first designer fabric lines for quilters, were groundbreaking at the time. I still have her book, which looks quite quaint now, but is worn from constant rereading and consulting. A gem of information at the time and now a fond reminder of the start of something much bigger than anyone at the time could possibly have anticipated!

You say the colour you have on your toots is called Grab but company is it from please?

And I'm making notes of your recommendations as we speak!

Glad to have you back.

I first watched Bright Star last November...then six times after that. It grabs my heart every time!

Love your nail varnish!

It's funny isn't it, how quickly the internet has taken over our lives - I can hardly remember what life was like before and being without is like losing your handbag!

I shall look out your selections - the only one I've seen is Bright Star, which was lovely!

I now feel inspired by your toes to go and tackle my grotty looking feet and make them look as beautiful as yours!!! It's the little things in life that make one really happy!

You have inspired me to paint my toenails! Funny how you'd forget about them until you see such a cheerful colour, coordinated perfectly with your birkenstocks!

I know what you mean about the Toibin book and I felt much the same about the ending. Still Missing is in my to-read pile (probably coming with me to Wales this weekend) and I have to buy the Suze Rotolo book. That album cover was pored over by me and my friends when we were at grammar school, all of us wishing we were the girl.

Glad you are back!!

Bright Star is on the top of my list at the moment.

I love the pink flowers in your photo.

I totally agree with you re Brooklyn. I read it on holiday a couple of years ago and was waiting for it to get weighty, meaty or interesting and it doesn't. Like you say it was easy, chick lit type reading and I was disappointed. I shall have a look at Bright Star though.

Bright Star, Still Missing and Brooklyn are all on my 'list'as well.I hadn't heard of Suze Rotolo's book before but will add that to my wish list. Can I also recommend Paul Auster - any of his work, but in particular The New York Trilogies for anyone who loves New York.He is relatively new to me but find his work gripping and am now making my way though all of them courtesy of Amazon.....love the 'Grab' nail polish. Jane

Why is it when someone says don't ask - you are compelled. Well now I know....
Love that rose - we are about two weeks behind here in Mid Wales at 1000ft.

Love your nail polish and your list.

However, a warning about not looking up certain acronyms (MILF)while at work could be helpful.

Ha ha Milf! Good they told you though before you dropped it into conversation and Bright Star (like Cranford) textile porn, I love it.
Brooklyn was entertaining, but I also found it a bit lit-lite. I couldn't believe in her once she did what she did in Ireland though, not the girl I got to know in the first section.

I still haven't seen 'A Serious Man', but I want to. It was filmed about eight miles south of where I live! Love the nail varnish coordination in the photo.

I agree about 'Brooklyn,' just not at all what I was expecting, given the reviews I had read. My husband calls me a milf, so I kind of like the term ;)

You say the colour you have on your toots is called Grab but company is it from please?

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