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June 09, 2010


These look scrumpsh. Perhaps you could stick a 99 in them for extra indulgence?

My Nan's maiden name was Whippy - Dorren Whippy - they used to call her 'The Whip'!

I almost fell of my chair when I saw you title! My maiden name is Whipp - and of course my brother is still Mr Whipp - or Whippy as everyone calls him!
I photographed an ice cream van for him last year with the phrase "Mr Whippy - Ice cream needs you" on the side.


Haha very cool!!

Why do the young'uns get all the cool jobs?! Whippy Operator is still pretty high on my list of want-to-do jobs. So jealous! Now - where's the flakes? 99 cupcakes with sauce and nuts would ROCK. xx

Well I would call them skills for life! I am so in favour of kids working on Saturdays and in the holidays - although waitressing as I did as a schoolgirl seems a little out nowadays. I think it's great that young people earn their own money and also see how tiring a full days work really is. And if on top you improve your cake icing skills - well all the better! Your daughter seems to be a creative and resourceful soul. Bravo!

Now that's what I'd call a useful life skill.

I was on candyfloss at our last school fete - trickier than it looks. And much more sticky.

These look fantastic! I've been training my two to use an oldfashioned icing kit. More is going in mouths than on cakes at the moment though....

Now that's what I call a holiday job.

A quick splodge of raspberry sauce, a flake and a few chopped nuts. Your daughter could make a whole career out of making ice-cream style buns. Yummy.

Admirable skills - and put to good use at home!

I vote for incarnation #1. Just beautiful! (Where can I get one?)

It's a valuable skill to be sure! I learned how to work the soft-serve ice cream machine at a summer job. I never cease to amaze my spouse and friends with my finesse at perfect ice cream cones! haha!
By the way, I'm reading your book and am finding it very inspiring. Thank you!

Wow! Those cupcakes look so delicious! Wish my beer-tap skills had a useful application!

Love the swirls, whorls and curls! Pies and cupcakes will take on an entirely new dimension at your place it looks like.

mmmm, yummy....


Oh, I was making cupcakes today too - but my nozzle was far too small. What size did you use to get that lovely effect?

Hee hee - I used to operate a Mr Whippy decades ago - never was more popular with my friends!

Bravo, that lad has got real talent. I mean it ... not being ironic or even flippant!

Those yummies are mouthwatering. I always love your linens underneath your treats!

They look great. Is that very soft butter icing that you are piping there or some other sort of icing?

hee hee! How sweet! :) xxx

mmmm, yum!
(i always seem to leave this comment on your blog!!)

Love it! I was lucky enough to man (or perhaps I should say, wo-man) the Icee machine at the little mini-golf center when I was whopping 16 yrs of age. Ahh, memories.

My teen had a job in a pizza restaurant ( not the fast food variety a propper cafe/restaurant) I was hoping the pizza rolling dough making skills would transfer to home but alas they rarely did!

My summer job in high school and college was at a Dairy Queen, and still after 25 years I can make a DQ curl at the top of a soft serve cone!

These look fantastic! I've been training my two to use an oldfashioned icing kit.

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