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July 30, 2010


Dear Jane Brocket MW, I am delighted to congratulate for this beautiful flower arrangement!

Oh, I do like the sound of your holiday, and particularly envy that visit to Oxford.

I'd love to see the Ashmolean addition and that H Hodgkin exhibit. Some years ago, I was lucky to attend an afternoon event at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, during which Mr H was interviewed by Susan Sontag.

What a treat it is to read your posts. I also recently treated myself to your Domesticity book. Lots of inspiration in there!

Sounds so lovely.

Cultivating time... I think I may need to go weed my time garden.

My husband and I were married in a butterfly garden that was a part of a cat ranch. (long story)

Every time I think about butterfly gardens it brings back lovely memories.

Ooh, I saw Tap Dogs way back in 1995 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with my now-husband. He had to be dragged along (although it was the first stages of our romance, so he was being amenable!) but he absolutely loved it. Critics can sniff all they want - what's wrong with a bit of old-fashioned entertainment?

Have you read 'Letters between Six Sisters', which follows the correspondence between the Mitford girls from childhood until the death of Diana Mosely? It is absolutely fascinating - if you haven't, I suspect you'd really enjoy it.

We went to see All My Sons - also a Wednesday Matinee, but ours was all tourists. A powerful performance wasn't it? Amazing set too, I thought.

Around here in California this is being called a "Staycation" -Have fun!

Its wonderful hearing about your travels. The sweetpea arrangement made me smile.

Jane, those sweet peas are gorgeous. You've reminded me to start some seeds soon for blooms in our summer (here in Australia). And yes, I also loved Tap Dogs when I saw it in the mid-90s – I loved the energy!

Me too re the HH, much imitated but never so moving.
And I'm intrigued to know what you thought of the revamped Ashmolean, architecturally it's a big success but I find the galleries a little disappointing, esp textiles. If you're ever back try the rooftop restaurant for lunch or coffee or even dinner - the food and the staff and the view and the interior are all lovely (oxslip.com 02/07/10 for a pic).
Happy holidays

Stick with Nancy Mitford, Jane, her books are great. I love them for their upper class-ness and the fab characters.

Thank you for introducing me to a new author!

Kelley Petkun

sounds like a lovely holiday to me - without any airport stress, lost luggage, funny tummy etc. And of course very ecological - I'm sure you will remember it for a long time to come! (I'm following suit by the way!)

That all sounds fun! Have a great holiday!

I love that last photograph. The way the white washed wall and red brick are echoed by the orange and white flowers is really beautiful.

In my twenties I adored Linda from The Pursuit of Love. Re-reading in my forties I find her so self-centred. Great novel, though.

The Waltham Place biodynamic gardens sound great. I just took a potential client out yesterday to see more natural settings, here in San Diego. The husband: "I like neat and tidy." Our town is very suburban. That has its plusses and minuses.

I think we could be a bit more adventurous with our wonderful climate. Using native plants to foster the original rich tapestry. Encouraging the real California lifestyle.

Slough station has a wonderful stuffed dog. Obviously a loyal 'station' dog he is wiorth looking for on one of the platforms.

I went to a wedding at the Ashmolean 3 months ago - it was lovely. The post wedding drinks were in the atrium at the foot of the beautiful new staircase..... stunning.

Somehow missed Hodgkin -- wondrous, thanks for the link!
Just finished reading your quilt book, and delighted by the photos (_particularly_ those by you) What a stunnning talent you have!!

Did you spot the stuffed dog on the platform at Slough?! I always used to wait for trains by it!

me again -meant to say how clever you were with the vase and embroidered cloth combo. So subtle I nearly missed it. I guess the sweet peas put me off the scent.

To say I'm green with envy would be an understatement! Thank-you for recommending 'The Hare With Amber Eyes' - I will definately follow that up.

Oh, thank you for introducing me to Nancy Mitford. Her reputation has never made it to my neck of the woods in the U.S. Can't wait to try one of her books!

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