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September 01, 2010


That would make it a 'monetbrow' then? hahahahahahaha.

We are very excited at our house as destructoBoy's glads finally flowered this year. Both of them are gorgeous.

I was at the National Gallery on saturday and also stood stunned in front of Renoir's Gladioli wondering why I'd never known about them.They were glorious.

I absolutely love the Tate!! Flowers are so inspiring too. Beautiful.

Your flower pictures always do brighten my day!

You should come to Boston in April for the Museum of Fine Art's Art in Bloom days. They fill the galleries with spectacular flower arrangements, inspired by the paintings. Over 50 flower clubs are involved. It's a zoo, but truly necessary. Spring flowers come very late here.

The MFA did have an impressionist landscape exhibit. Overheard from 10ish boy: "Yeah, Mom, they are really nice flowers. Can we go see the mummies now?"

I adore the paintings of Renoir abd Monet....but the photo of your glads is quite spectacular! I just want to stick my face in it!!! I'll bet you could author a really charming book with all the exquisite photos you've taken since you started writing your (much loved by me) blog. I can just imagine your delightfully detailed description of each photo. Pure bliss to read, I think!

Isn't it nice to be able to like what you like? Lovely!

I used to sit by the huge lily pond Monet at the National in my lunch hours. Brings back memories. I love Dutch still lifes/lives (?) too.

You should definitely try and see the exhibition in Edinburgh. Or as a second best buy the marvelous catalogue. The whole exhibition took my breath away!! It's on till the 17th October. I'm already planning my second visit, in fact I wanted to go back the moment I left the exhibition.

The Impressionist gardens exhibition is well worth a visit. There's even a little corner with three paintings featuring needlework and yarn - two lots of embroidery and one of wool winding. And on your way out there's a bit to tell you about the Farrow and Ball paints they used in each room...

That is a gorgeous painting!

And I couldn't agree more about the Monet part. And it's a shame because it's quite easy to just see him as overdone and to miss some lovely paintings.

I wish I were anywhere near Edinburgh. Everyone here is making it sound like quiet the exhibit!

The National Gallery exhibit in Edinburgh is so beautiful, I had to stop halfway trhough to catch my breath. Festival over, it's gone quiet now - think about a trip north!

Always follow your lovely blog.
Inspired as always just starting out with mine.
Hope to get better as time goes.
Own two of your wonderful books.
The Art of and Cherry Cake and Ginger beer.
One thing that has encouraged me to carry on blogging was a piece in your lovely book. Just having a go.
Thank you x

Oh damn you! I was thinking my garden was all planned out for next year but, oh my I'd forgotten about gladioli's. Just come back from a holiday in Lincolnshire where they are grown, row upon row, in fields. Head turning, indeed!

I have the sweetest little book called The Impressionists illustrated by a lovely New Zealand artist. I'll love Monet and Renoir always.

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