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September 12, 2010


Happy Birthday to your hubby and congrats Phoebe on the scrummy looking cake. Ignore the calories and just indulge! xx

phwoaaarrr what a fittie

It looks so delicious!! Hang the calories and tuck in! Happy birthday to Simon!

Gorgeous cake, well done Phoebe. Happy Birthday to Simon as well. Enjoy the day!

Happy Birthday! It's a well known fact that cake calories don't count when you're celebrating.

Better not to count when it's that good - butter, cream cheese and sugar are wholefoods too
Happy Birthday to the main man

Happy Birthday Simon. Great cakes should be enjoyed without guilt!

Yummy! Cake looks divine.

Just eat every delicious morsel and don't worry about. Birthday calories don't count.

it. Don't worry about IT. (Rolling eyes.)

That cake looks glorious, like a cream cheese covered crown (the best kind). I bet it was delicious. Pheobe will have to learn like the rest of us to 'bake blind' to all the calories, saturated fats and other delicious naughties that go with baked goods.

but don't the carrots cancel out all the butter/cream cheese/walnut calories?! enjoy. i bet it's all gone by now anyway.

Ignore the calories and enjoy the cake! It looks delicious!!!

Forget about the calories!! If you can't indulge on your birthday, when can you?!!

It looks wonderfully voluptuous! And probably how you'll feel after, but hey, one of those wishes could be to not have the calories!
Best wishes!

That is quite possibly the world's greatest looking cake. May have to give it a whirl myself, although husband will certainly evict me from the house. This looks to be no ordinary baked goods. :)

how delicious! great job phoebe. and, happy birthday simon!

That cake looks utterly amazing!!!

This cake is full of happiness, not calories.

Happy birthday to Simon!

Phoebe is so talented. I drool every time you post pictures of her creative goodies. :)

that looks fantastic.
my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
looking for the cookbook

Worth every calorie I'm sure!

MMMmmmm. What a gorgeous cake! Happy Birthday to your Simon!

Looks delicious-I made this one last week for my brother's birthday and the calories are worth it for the taste!!

Happiest of birthdays!

Well worth every single twinge of calorie-guilt !!
And he only has one birthday a year , right ?

Carrot cake is worth every single semi-nutritious calorie! Happy Birthday to Simon and many more!

I am eating it online which means NO CALORIES AT ALL and it's quite, quite divine! Well done to Phoebe and happy birthday to Simon.

Happy birthday to Simon.

Phoebe that cake is beautiful! I would love to have a carrot cake that looked that good; calories and all. Your Dad is pretty lucky to have you and your mother in his life.

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