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January 25, 2011


Beautiful!!! Spring is on its way!!! My Amaryllis have all been beautiful, fabulous colours decorating my kitchin window!!!

Oh Jane, they are indeed exquisite and a very cheering sight as I sit here actually shivering as I type!

Those are beautiful - their patterns make them look almost like drawings of flowers, rather than real flowers. Exquisite certainly seems to have become one of those words with subtext (that's if there are any words that don't have subtext...) which is slightly backhanded. A little like statuesque. It's almost a pity, really. Thank you for sharing something that reminds me of it applied at its best!

I couldn't agree more with your fantastic idea of planting Iris indoors - if only I had thought of it...what about cyclamen, which I love especially the scented ones???

Thanks for sharing a little work of nature's art!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Does anyone know who Katharine Hodgkin was (nothing to do with lymphoma I hope)?
Broadleigh bulbs have an interesting piece about Iris which gives the parentage of KHodgkin as Iris histioides and Iris winogradowii, but that doesn't help w the cultivar name

I'm so glad they are doing well, it will be such a treat to see them everyday indoors, they are very pretty.

Oh wow! Iris is my favourite flower, and I can only container garden as I live in apartments, and own no land. I'll have to try this! Thanks so much.

You may not think you can paint them, but you did photograph them and share them with us. Thank you!

They are exquisite.

A joy to behold......

Even if you can't paint them, perhaps they will be inspiration for a beautiful quilt or some knitting project!

They are so beautiful. I bought some pots of this iris at Anglesey Abbey, A National Trust property in Cambridgeshire. and there is a wonderful display in the Winter garden there.

Stunning! Enjoy seeing them in your home.

They're gorgeous! Thank you for sharing their beauty with your readers.

Oh! Katharine Hodgkin is my favorite iris reticulata! I absolutely love your photographs of these flowers. Please enjoy your little companions.

Thank you for reminding me that no matter what time of year it is, nature is truly amazing. By the way, I absolutely adore your very special quilt book, which is one of my most favourite books. I love the cover, and even better, I want to make all of the projects. So far I've made a fabulous runner inspired by the Tulip Fields. Brilliant- thank you so much!! XX

This is my favorite iris reticulata and I shall not be seeing the ones in my garden for several months yet, usually April. Your photos are a delight of promise.

Oh this is my favourite iris reticulata too - I visited the Anglesey Abbey winter gardens last week where clusters of iris Kathryn Hodgkin grow amongst the stunning witch hazels and dogwoods. They weren't flowering yet. I'll be going back to see them in week or two.

these are absolutely the most gorgeous iris I've ever seen! Good for you!

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