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January 28, 2011


Am with you there!

Dawn x

PS love the cake stand...is it 70s?

Ahhh cakes - who can say no? The calories are always worth it for the homebaked kind.

For the record - I never say no to a piece of cake either! Thanks for a lovely post Jane.

mmmmm. I love the way that iced cake looks, stunning.

Most excellent! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Hi Jane,

I also did the pip picking out exercise this week! It was for the Popina lemon cake with which chocolate icing. I wasnt sure if it would work but i am happy to report i can thoroughly recommend it!

What a nice post! I love those silver things - but don't they get softer as they sit in the icing? Or maybe they don't get the chance to do that at your house!

Very nice. :)

Sounds right to me. And a very talented baker you are! Not to mention stylist and photographer. I can almost taste those chocolate buns.

I needed that post. Thank you!

When the picture first popped up on my screen, I thought you had been embroidering. It looked like lace. Please tell me you are testing recipes for your baking book. I keep hoping for that one...:) Also any dates yet for the knitting book? We are all sitting on pins and knitting needles in anticipation!

These days I bake for the goodies that result at the end... and for the joy of letting my 19-month-old son stir the ingredients together for me. He cried when he had to abandon our muffin mixing last night for a diaper change.

Mmmmm, I bake therefore I am? Laura x

A woman after my own heart!!!

How inspiring Jane. Time for some lemon cake at my house! Thank you so much!!

we have the same beautiful cake stand!!! Im off to bake now!!!

right you are!!!! as for the vanilla perfume: as aromatherapist i have REAL vanilla extract (in real brandy) for massage purposes and it is a fabulous perfume. as one of the main constituents of vanilla beans affects your brain's neurotransmitters (chemically similar to serotonine) real vanilla can make you happy indeed.

Mmmmmm! Lovely cakes, as ever! I too have a vintage tablecloth habit, so heartily encourage anyone to appreciate the hard work that has gone into making them.
Hey, Abigail, I'm intrigued by a lemon cake with choc icing! Love them both separately, so must try together!!!!

A kindred spirit indeed! A belated seventeenth birthday celebration here tomorrow, so it won;t be jelly, ice cream and juice and the mummies and daddies won't be picking up a 6pm but there will be a pyramid of cupcakes with glitter, hearts and stars. I eagerly anticipate a baking day!

May I ask where the recipe for the chocolate buns comes from please? They look so yummy!

Pip Picking! I've just made a batch of plum jam and usually I can pick the stones out before putting it in the jars. Not this time and can see we'll be picking them of the toast and sucking them for months to come.

Beautiful! Thoughtful! Delicious!

Laura Mercier do a wonderful perfume called Creme Brûlée. It is just like wearing vanilla essence...the only problem being that it leaves me in danger of wanting to eat myself! They also do the same fragrance for the bath & it comes with a wooden honey drizzler that you dip into the pot and then hold under running water, which only adds to the whole feeling that one might almost be doing some baking in the bathroom.

Florence x

That cake is just too pretty to eat.

Beautiful cake, me too

More on vanilla perfume: I think Organza by Givenchy is very vanilla-ish, but if you have access to a copy of the excellent and entertaining Perfumes the A-Z Guide by Turin & Sanchez (in our local library as long as Oxfordshire lets them stay open, so hopefully in yours too) it will be more illuminating than my olfactory guesswork

I wear vanilla sometimes, just for me.

So glad you're not strictly sticking to that once-a-weekness.

This could carry the same name as your last blog entry, "Exquisite".

Oh, you are wicked....but you get to share with appreciative eaters..nothing like a hungry boy coming in from school. A real delight to see it all enjoyed as that gives you reason to endulge your delight in baking and bake again.

Delurking to say those chocolate buns look marvelous. Love that cake stand too. Can you share the chocolate bun recipe?

I have a glass cake stand similar to this one and I never use it, how silly, I'm going to dig it out of my sideboard and bake something worthy of such an item!

Thank you for the inspiration, cup cakes and scones now on the table.

Those chocolate cakes look delightful ♥ where can I find the recipe please ♥

Love love love the cakes. Yup.

The first photo in your post made me gasp. I scared the cats. I want to make one of those cakes immediately.

And you know what? I work from home. So I can. :)

Sometimes when I get tired and overwhelmed, it's easy to forget to delight in the every day beauties, the simplest of pleasures. A visit to your blog usually cures me, and today was no different. Cake is one of the most pleasurable of events in life!

please please post the recipe for the chocolate buns! wow, those look scrumptious!

I bake because it reminds me so strongly of being a child. The comfort of domesticity, a warm kitchen and the smell of baking. Wonderful photos, as ever.

Having recently cleared my Mum's house -she is now in a care home- I am the proud owner of numerous cake stands. I think some may have been my Gran's - I've had to resort to stashing them in various different places around the house so my other half doesn't spot them - he doesn't approve of my hording.

Please! The recipe for the chocolate cakes . . . they look scrumptious and delicious and we are begging you, please, will you share the recipe?

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