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February 02, 2011


Oh yes, what a wonderful idea for a book. Rummaging through my fabric stash is a great treat though I fear nowhere near as organised as yours! And finding old forgotten favourites is sheer joy. I look forward to seeing the white, pink and black quilt - great combinations!

Love it. My fabric stash is considerably larger and significantly less organized. If it is still unwise to drive today, I may go tackle my fabric stash (my yarn stash is already organized within an inch of its life). Thank you for all those lovely reds.

Must not begin a new project. Must not.

Rummaging is not only a great thing to do but the word rummage is one of my favourite words of all time! A perfect thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Your fabrics are beautiful. And there is definitely a market for The Joy of Rummaging.

yes.... YES! Sky blue and tangerine.........

THANK YOU for this immersion into luscious, splendid, tactile color! Just what I needed on this very icy, gray day here in New York!

Such beautiful colour and fabric combinations, how fun it must have been to have them all spread everywhere in order to soak in all of that fabricy goodness.

You do with fabric what I do with scarves. I have two drawers full also. Silk and fine wool ones especially. Today my daughter is going on a job interview wearing an lovely Liberty for good luck.

There is definitely a need for a book called The Joy of Rummaging! The black, white, and pink quilt will look very 1950's retro, I think. Can't wait to see it!

I am looking forward to a very satisfying rummage in a fortnight, once my exams are out of the way. I like the idea of bundling things up as you did. Not only would it would make my stash a little less daunting, but it would point up where the gaps are - it would also create the perfect excuse to acquire some more fabric!

"Domestic reds" - a very useful term! I'm going to remember that one.

Gorgeous fabrics. And I would totally buy that book. :)

I am especially keen on the 50s vibe of the white, pink and black. Lovely stuff
I'd also enjoy The Joy of Jumbling, might even bring back jumble sales which were great for finding good secondhand fabric?

I want to play. Can I come over?
PS I'd need to get a passport first.

Yes, Yes the Joy of Rummaging what a great book.After Kaffes class I have sooo more rumaging to do. Enough 2" squares to play with for one more quilt.

Please tell me where the ladybird fabric came from! I can't find it on the sites you listed.

Since we are snowed in here, I did a little rummaging myself today, which led to a little cushion re-cover for a couple of stools in my kitchen. I'm enjoying your blog very much and your book 'The Gentle Art of Domesticity' is one of my favorites! Thanks for the inspiration~

yet more good advice - I have the fabric, just need a spare chest of drawers. My husband and I are such incorrigible hoarders we could really do with a house each. The Art of Rummaging would certainly be on my Amazon Wish List!

Yes, I think there is a market for that book :)

yes, that's a very good book title! for the lack of time to sew the real project i try to excercise the art of rummaging from time to time.

How beautiful all those colours are!!!!

I love the mosaic-like results of your rummaging, especially the mustard and aqua one.

I still have my childhood collection of tiny treasures in a tin got up to look like a pirate's treasure chest. I kept a blue smartie (it's still in there!) because the tube had said 'Limited Edition'. I thought it might be very rare when I was older.

I became so excited at remembering my blue smartie that I didn't explain - the tin is still a good place to rummage - there are three miniscule glass dice in there, a scrap of ancient embroidery and a miniature brass kettle.

I rummaged through my yarn stash, you'd be horrified at the lack of any order, the other day and got my fingers caught up in a tangle - I did however manage to dig out a rather nice red for my cupcake tea cozy! Wish I was more organized like you.

I did the same thing not too long ago - all my fabric colour sorted in a tall dresser. What bliss!

lovely pictures, there is something inherently childlike about sorting and organising stuff into colour blocks. I love it! *makes a swift exit to organise own stash* @verity cash

A rummaging book would be fab :)

Your fabrics look wonderful, colorful and neatly stashed! I think rummaging through is a pensive time. I use it to take stock and it becomes a pensive time as I audit my fabrics . When I do this I get ideas I never thought of at the time I purchased the fabrics . Nice post ..Izzy

What gorgeous reds! Don't suppose you remember who they are by?

pretty picks !!

oh how fullfilling it is to play in fabric or yarn, stroking, fondling and dreaming. the book sounds wonderful. i just acquired your last book as a cmas present (amazon gift card - love 'em). looking through wonderful books and playing in fabric helps a dreary soul in winter. thanks, robin

Oh Jane
So nice to here about your "TWINS" we have Tom and Harry and with a husband called Nick you can guess the
We never say twins but with one blonde (Folley side) and one dark haired (Polish side),the real delight when people ask there age difference and I say 20 minutes still makes me fill with pride.

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