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April 12, 2011


I'm so glad that you don't find it a chore to take photos and blog about them too... They really are glorious!!

I love your blog year round, but tulip time is my favorite. Thank you thank you!!

This has just been incredible! (As it is every year...)
I do believe the Parrots have been my favorites so far...

Your tulips are incredible - so beautiful. The parrots look like mini cabbages almost. Where do you order your bulbs from?

Bravo! Bravo! what a performance! Do we have to wait till next year, or is there still an encore to come? - oh I do hope so....:)

I need to plant more tulips next year - my Queen of the Night are looking a bit pathetic now and tulips are expensive to buy in the shops - I am so jealous of your abundance of blooms!!!

You are cheering me up every morning with tulip photos! Thank you!

Jane your tulip photographs have been feeding my soul of late, the colours are just glorious.


These glow-in-the-dark bouquets are hitting the spot on another cold and rainy day. I can almost hear the topmost tulips sizzle. I think if I had these beauties to wake up to I'd be out of bed a lot earlier than I am now.


Fabulous tulips! I am so jealous!

Your photos are wonderful. What a great color reference for a quilt

Beautiful tulips! They might just be my fave flower.

These tulips have colors that glow with such intensity...wow! However, the parrots are still my favorites. Like you, I love the way they develop as their blossoms open up fully.

Best wishes, and thanks for sharing your fabulous garden with the rest of us.

Loving the tulip updates, thanks Jane. The parrots are absolutely gorgeous, the colours, the shapes, the combinations - stunning!

I think I'm suffering from Tulip envy, just sooo gorgeous, thanks for all the delight.


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