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May 16, 2011


Can I come?

I'll come too! But did you see that wonderful exhibition at the RA a few years ago, of paintings from provincial galleries? I kept thinking, Gosh - fancy that living there!

What an absolutely brilliant idea. I may 'cadge a lift' to some of those places.

Can I come as well? A lovely idea and if at all possible (and without breaking the bank) it would be wonderful to travel by train.

I was captivated by Brian Sewell's Grand Tour DVD and highly recommend it; passionate and moving and splendid with tea and cake. Your tour sounds lovely Jane, I hope you get to complete it.

Hello Jane,
I've been reading my copy of The Gentle Art of Knitting which I received last Friday, and been enjoying it enormously. I love the pattern for the apron, ever since I saw the apron you knitted a few years ago I've been thinking about it, and having your pattern there will make it much easier to actually knit it. And I love the wine recommendations with the sock pattern. It's chokka full of great patterns for no stress, I love that idea. I notice you got a photographer in to do the photographs, I thought they didn't look like your photographs, they don't have the same quirky and imaginative feel I always think makes your photos stand out and which I love. Congratulations on your new publication! Vanessa xxx

I'd love to go on this tour too! If we could take in some independent bookshops along the way, so much the better.

My copy of The Gentle Art of knitting arrived today - hurrah! I had something lovely to look at on my commute! Love your idea of a grand tour - wish I could come too!

Don't forget Swindon - modern British art. Worth a stop maybe?

Wow! Do you have a lot going on in that country of yours! We can see Warhol in Pittsburg, but you have Fantin-Latour and every other gorgeous flower artist! Enjoy all or as much as you can.

Love your idea of a provincial tour but you forgot all the great galleries in Scotland...Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow....

How I would love to see all those places but being the otherside of the world I shall just have to read your wondeful blog and dream through books and wish. I have 2 lovely books Bloomsbury at Home and Charleston A bloomsbury Home and Garden.

Yes, sounds like heaven to me.. unfortunately you will have to travel without me as I am on the other side of the world too!

I knew there was a reason that I so love my Fantin-Latour rose.

Sounds like a wonderful tour to me. You must try and get to see the Bloomsbury exhibition, it's worth the trip. Lots of paintings I hadn't seen before by Grant & Bell and some bits and bobs from the Courtauld too.

Oh, do it, do it! What a week it would be! I'd love to see the Radical Bloomsburys but Brighton's just a tad too far from Edinburgh :(

If you do manage to get to see the Stanley Spencer, then Compton Verney has the most wonderful collection of British Folk Art as well. Not to be missed.

You must go to Audley End Jane - one of the loveliest houses I've been to. Lovely gardens too!

That would be such a great trip.I love Manchester City art gallery.My husband gave a talk to our U3A Art Appreciation group on the Scottish Colourists(Peploe,Fergusson etc).Have you heard of them and know their work?
I am also enjoying The Gentle Art of Knitting.

Is there room for another? Sounds right up my street! xx

I am game for this. We saw a fabulous flower painting exhibition in New Plymouth, New Zealand, a couple of years ago. We are always wandering into "provincial" museums. Although some would consider Toledo, Ohio, the provinces, Toledo has one of the most fabulous collections. The Libbeys, glass manufacturers in the late 1900's and into the 20th, had a vision that few of us can even imagine. And it's not far from Detroit, also with a fabulous museum.

Sounds ace, I can't wait for more Stan S too. The current Compton Verney exhibition (Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson plus 19thC sailors' woolwork embroidery) is also great and I can recommend the gallery in Cookham if you like Spencer.

You could add in a lido each day for exercise and a bakery for sustenance - the body needs feeding too.

Please let me echo the suggestion of the Compton Verney. Beside the collection, they have grounds that were designed by Capability Brown, and I understand that the cake in their cafeteria is excellent.

I too, love the knitting book. I have already made one and a half teacosies and am about to embark on serious handbaggery. That sounds rude.
IF you really do go to Saffron Walden and would like company, there's a bus that goes there from right outside my house, so name the day and email me about it and I'll look into times, etc!

I live just outside Saffron Walden, and had never come across the Fry gallery so thank you for that. Like adele, if you would like company, would be happy to meet you.

oh go on... stretch it to two weeks!

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