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May 11, 2011


My Knitting book just arrived, it is fantastic! I want to make everything, so refreshing after so many knitting books having the same old same old. Love the knitted washbags x x

The previous comment has made me very excited - perhaps I might get mine today?

I am off to the V&A exhibition next week - utterly utter sounds right up my street.

And dear Mrs Oliphant, I loved reading her stories and writing about her in my thesis - she was a bit of a disappointed woman, and had a tough life - no wonder she forgot what she had written about!

Pomona x

Ooh, just looking at that lemon curd has givem me a tingly feeling on my tongue. You're right, it is delicious with tea.

LOVELY photos.

Susan Anderson has a knitted cupcake pincushion on her website - that would seem to blend two of your interests. Three, if you count quilting pins!

Love Simon's description of Rossetti's women, very apt!

Jane, I thought you might like to know that Penguin have a comp on their website to win all 20 of the Great Food series of books(darn have I just minimised my chance of winning them now). By the way I haven't commented before - really enjoy reading your blog.

pants :( I've just double checked the closing date for the Penguin comp & it was the end of April (but the page is still on the site)..I'll just have to dream on!

Glad you thought the exhibition was good as I've just bought tickets!

My daughter arranges the pins in my new cushion and tells me off for using them! Yours look lovely!


Your blog, like your books, is always inspiring and comforting, but I really identify with this post. I often buy a greeting card instead of the painting I want, or take away the very smallest "fairing," from an event. Thank you for celebrating the very tiniest fulfilling aesthetic experiences.

Yes, my Amazon man came today, too! One copy for me and one for my lovely friend for whom you signed a copy of your quilting book at Persephone. Congratulations! I've been knitting since I was five and this book completely captures the essence of what makes it such a special hobby and means of relaxation. Exquisite photography, too! So much that I want to make ...

Thank you. Just reading this post and looking at the beautiful pictures has put me in a serene state of mind. As my grandfather would say, "Ain't life grand?"

Oh Jane, you do make me smile. I was in London on Easter weekend visiting my youngest who moved from Canada last fall. We visited the 'Beauty' exhibit at the V&A and what I took away was two copies of the tea pot post card... it made me smile so much I was overcome with greed!
So looking forward to your knitting book!
Cheers from Port Hope (near Toronto)

I've tried sour cherry jam in black tea, and that's lovely. I adore Rosetti and his co-hort - most utterly utter! Thank you for this post, Jane - it was deliciously Jane Brocket :)

Am with you ref the curd...I too have made that recipe many times and it's heavenly.

Those little books are just gorgeous. What a talented designer (whomever it was).

And I loved the dinky pincushion (yes I would have arranged the pins like that too) and your tea cosy is amazing.

Am away to look at the links to the exhibition now.

Dawn x

PS I read that article the other day and it immediately made me want to buy all the books and try out all the recipes. I've noted down a few cook names I didn't know in case I come across the original books in future. Penguin should hire the journo who wrote it to do their PR for them!

Have been prevaricating for ages over what Persephone book to buy next as they all look good so have gone on your recommendation. Looking forward to reading it. Also Amazon are finally sending me my gentle art of knitting so lots to look forward to. Now how do I explain all the little 'extras' on the mastercard bill??

Dear Jane

I visited the Cult of Beauty exhibition on tuesday and was entranced, amused and informed. I had two thoughts. The first that the fashions which took hold in this period have never really gone away. How many of us have blue and white china collections? My second thought was that this exhibition had surely been put together especially for you!

Jane,you are such an inspiration to me. I read the GAOD a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorite books of all time. Today, at the Brown University bookstore I got Turkish Delight. Your stuff makes me happy. You rock.

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