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July 10, 2011


Open air swimming is so special. There is a wonderful lido in Cheltenham that we consider well worth the 40 minute drive from Malvern.

It's fantastic isn't it, and just around the corner (well a few corners) from my sister! Very inconsiderately she's in the process of moving from Bristol to the Forest of Dean, so no more Lido for me as it's a tad too far for a day trip from North Wales! Enjoy your swim :)

We have an open air pool in Kenilworth although it's not open at all times and not nearly as smart as this new Lido!

That looks so nice! I'm in Sydney, Australia now, but I lived in Redland, Bristol for a year, and loved walking into Clifton.

it's awesome .and i like the open air swimming pool very much . it's artistic and full of natural elements. i like it very much .

What a lovely place! I love the idea of outdoor swimming. We used to have outdoor pools up here too, but most of them have closed down or become havens for weeds. It's sad. Have fun when you go.

Dawn xx

One of Bristol's many hidden treasures! There used to be another Lido in Fishponds when I was a child but I don't know if that still exists. Much more fun than the indoor swimming baths.

I love the Lido! And the cafe there is fab too - am particularly partial to their rose cupcakes. They do some great seasonal treatments too - summer rose facial and winter ginger scrub. I want to go back right now!

Dear Jane,
You always take us for such an interesting ride...

Oo great, another one to add to the list. I'd also love to dive in.
Re your toga, do you remember towels sown up in a tube with elastic round the neck for changing under? V. British in that both demure and well suited for keeping out baltic winds after North Sea swims. Or perhaps I've hallucinated these.

"Whether you enjoy truly authentic food, a casual swim, delicious cakes, drinking superb coffee, making full use of the spa facilities..." from the Lido website.

I do, I do enjoy all of these, immensely! : ) It sounds like a little corner of heaven. Have fun swimming next time.

Hi Jane, I was delighted to read your comments on the Lido and those that followed from others. I would like to personally invite you and Simon to be my guests for a day to enjoy the facilities, please get in touch with me to arrange a day that suits. Kind regards, Mark Thwaites, General Manager of Lido.

I've just returned from a swim in the outside pool in Faversham! Unfortunately it's heated and usually overrun with people at this time of year. But this afternoon, the weather was grey and almost raining and there were only 3 other adults and two young girls out there - absolute bliss! I used to swim in the Lido at Parliament Hill in London (only in summer I hasten to add!) - unheated, shockingly cold even in the midst of summer, and the best swims I ever had! And, if you got there before 9am it was free until 9.30, when they chucked you out to get ready for the day.

I agree, the Lido is a little slice of heaven in the heart of the city. I had a similar invitation from Mark to have a complimentary swim and ended up taking out membership there and then! Best times to swim: 9pm on a summer's evening with the sunset and the swifts swirling overhead; early in the morning after an over-indulgent night out; any time in the winter when you can get into the hot tub for a full body heat-tingle; when it's pelting with rain. Oh, and when they're baking and the smell of their home-made sourdough bread wafts across the water. And the coffee here is the best in Bristol!

And what an awesome website they have too! Real people looking happy, you don't need to read the website to know you'd love it there!

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