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July 20, 2011


And while you're at Chelsea Market, don't forget the gelato; best I've ever had. I wish I could remember the name of the stand, but it's at the end of the line/queue right by one of the entrances.

And there are daisies :) I have 'a thing' about daisies at the moment!


I'm not actually commenting on this post, although it is great. I just wanted to say how much I love your vintage embroidery patchwork. Such a wonderful idea and such a beautiful end product.

Welcome to the US! Are you doing a book signing? Any chance you'll be out on the West Coast?

All the best,


My copy of The Gentle Art of Knitting just arrived and I am besotted! I didn't expect it until August, so it was like a rare gift to get it now. Can't wait to sit down and read every page.

Wow! looks so wonderful, I'm saving my pennies for a 50th birthday treat next year! Jude x

Well, of course I am hoping that you will be in New York for longer than the time for that High Line promenade.

Hoping that you will be here to tour with your new book. Perhaps a visit to Purl in SOHO? I work really near there....

Best wishes...watch out for the current heat wave.

Hi, Jane,

On my recent trip to NYC I spent some time drawing there. When I read this post, I felt I was travelling back there through your words and thought I could share my High Line sketch with you. It´s here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/airdesignstudio/5889432882/in/photostream

Have a great day!

My nephew just got an apartment in Chelsea. It's one area of NYC that I haven't really explored and I can't wait to change that!

We were there last month and loved the High Line! Your pictures are great!

Neat! When I get to the UK someday, I will have to consult you first to plan my itinerary!

This is a part of the city that is quite European; exciting new architecture, the re-birth of something old and obsolete, inspired landscaping, and somewhere to walk. It is something that residents and visitors can enjoy in equal measure. Your photographs really get that juxtaposition of old and new--they make me excited to live here!

New York City on a cloudless day is always something to behold.

i had no idea the highline even existed. how wonderful. it's one of our favorite children's books come true: the curious garden by peter brown. lovely, simple text and beautiful illustrations. would that every metro area would have such green spaces.

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