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August 22, 2011


That's not British baking, Jane. They're Irish! I do think it's a gloomy place, though - I far prefer Inn the Park, despite the wretched pigeons!
But I'll try thinking of it as 17th coffee house next time I'm there and see if it puts a more positive spin on it!

It's a great improvement and offers an artistically framed view of Nelson's column.

Oh what a delight it looks....I have made a note for the next time in London. A nice piece of cake is all it takes to make me a happy girl!

Oh wow! My daughter and I have been trying to decide which Gallery to visit next week - I think we have just made our decision!!!

Any gluten free cakes amongst that medley?

My husband used to work at the NG and he was always making use of the staff discount to bring me home a tasty treat when I needed one. The giant Jammie Dodgers are legendary! x

I adore this series! Those cakes look divine.

Cakes look divine but the seating area a bit gloomy and paper cups?! Thanks for these posts, enjoying this cakey fix!

I had no idea the National Gallery cafe was so divine! I am going to make a beeline as soon as I land in London. Thank you for this series Jane - it is making me very excited to come back!

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't been to the Natinal Gallery for ages! But I'm off for a drop of paint, with tea and cake in September!!

Best cakes so far - reminds me of tea at my Nana's - she was a fantastic baker. Must try it out, but I think I'll go for option on proper china. Thanks for the tip.

The P&B cafe has to be my favourite London cafe for a treat, we discovered it by chance when I took my kids to the Gallery but have since been back pretty much for the cake alone (although we always fit in some paintings to as we're there). Do you have the P&B cook book? I couldn't resist it after my first visit, most of the treats from the cafe are in the book and it was very pleasing to see that although the cakes etc. aren't exactly health food, the amount of sugar added is less than in some other baking books and I think this is one of P&Bs secrets to how their stuff tastes so good, their cakes etc. aren't so overwhelmingly sugary as in some other cake places, you can actually taste the jam or the chocolate or the raisins, yum, you're making me want to go back there again!

Thank you for this highly practical series! That coffee and walnut cake looks delicious. @ a.simpleton - nothing wrong with sharing a cake.

Looks just perfect, wish I could visit!

Peyton & Byrne seem to have taken over quite a few museum cafes recently - I haven't tried their cakes, but have had some really nice soup. I saw the baking book in Harbour Books in Whitstable recently - I think I might go back and buy it having read the comments above!

Pomona x

I do love a good museum/gallery cafe. I am interested to read that several commentators think it gloomy, that was the think I rather liked, gives it a sort of serious, old fashioned sort of feeling and reminded me of the old Bewleys coffee house in Dublin, a place where many books and poems have been written in the dusty afternoon light.

Dear Mrs. Brocket,

I admire your food photography. It makes me want to bake, to eat and to take pictures of the food I make.

The first one I do, and improving all the time. The second, too, though I don't think I can enjoy food any more than I do now. For the last one, though, I fall flat on my face.

I want to believe I can improve my camera ways, but truth is, I'm relieved at least what I do tastes good and disappears quickly.

Every time I need a little slice of paradise I visit your blog, Jane. Probably because we have so many interests in common.

Your cake display photographs had me gasping and swooning too.

Thank you for bringing a sighting of Britishness to my (lovely) French existence.

Now there's a reason to visit the National Gallery - as if one needed another excuse. Those cakes look very moreish.

Very hard to choose between there or Betty's - I'm just about mid-way between London and Harrogate.

Beautiful photos!!! I wish we had somewhere like that here.

I'm a stones throw away from the National Gallery and like nothing more than to spend 20 minutes decluttering a busy mind wandering their halls. The cakes are delicious. Trying hard to get my new boss to agree to having our catch ups in there.

On my list for my next visit to see my daughter! :) it would be great to have afternoon tea together at the NG! thanks for sharing this treasure!

M: I think you're thinking of Fallon and Byrne, who are Irish, but not the same as Peyton and Byrne. Peyton and Byrne are definitely British.

When we travel we try to have all of our lunches (or teas) in museum cafes. Thank you for pointing this one out to us.

And save one of those jammie dodgers for me!

This is my favourite of your bakery reviews so far - just incredibly enticing looking! Sigh...I wonder when we'll ever make the major trek for a visit that way?

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