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August 30, 2011


Gosh looks so delicious, I'd better resume baking with my five year old, so she becomes the family baker soon! How wonderful to have such a talented daughter.

I should have known that devilishly good would result in temptation and salivating. It looks deliciously devilish. I have a 13 year old in the house who wants to make my Battenburg cake - not my favourite. Am going to show him this instead.

Obviously you're not afraid of chocolate frosting on your pretty tablecloth!

YUM! Devilishly good is right. This would be perfect for Halloween.

Never to have gone to school or never to have gone away?

"Ding Dong"! I'm training my little girl up but her main concern seems to be to make sure she gets to lick the spoon!

That looks scrummy! I wouldn't usually choose chocolate cake as I find them rather rich, but would gladly make an exception for this one. Welcome home, Phoebe. I too am making the most of the last few days of the summer holidays before school beckons from the other side of the desk.
N.B. Janice - your son can make Battenburg for me with pleasure - it's always been my favourite!!

Don't worry Phoeboe; leaving school was the best day of my life. Because I completed, and because I never had to go back! Creative people usually find the standard curriculum a bore, taught in a boring manner. Do stay to get your first set of qualifications, and after that, hassle your parents to let you quit and go to culinary school instead... you may never have as much money as some of your peers, or you may end up with more, but you will certainly lead a life far more interesting!

Ha! I just had an exact image and imaginary audio of Leslie Phillips saying that. Thanks Jane - most apt!

Oh, dear! I just gained 5 lbs from my eyes feasting upon this cake. Devil's food is my favorite. And, of course, it looks all the more enticing displayed on one of your beautiful table cloths!!

The embroidered flowers in the table cloth remind me of your summery yarn flowers. They both make me smile, as does the cake. Well, actually, the cake makes me drool.

I'm going to train my offspring to be Phoebe-tastic at baking. Another success for your daughter! She makes such excellent cakes. Well done her. Dawn x ps what recipe did she use (ie who's recipe is it?)

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