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September 20, 2011


Those are lovely! But it's a little far for me...

How very lovely!! I can just imagine my daughter doing something very similar. What a beautiful snapshot of your life and your daughter's character!

They are very lovely.

Hi Jane,
What a delight to have children that makes you laugh. I also love the beautiful beading.
Ingrid xx

Sadly too far for me also - the necklaces look incredible as a group! I would wear them all at once.

I enjoyed a fantastic workshop run by Julie Arkell at the Stroud textile festival a couple of years ago. A real treat to meet someone as creative and inspirational.

I can only agree with everything you've said about Marilyn! She's worth the journey, without a doubt....x

I am stabbing at my dearest iPad in sheer frustration that West Dean is so far away - it has been recommended before for other delectable courses too.

Lovely, lovely, covetable bead work. Sigh.

they look great

The second photo looks like a lovely stack of beautiful plaid fabrics. And the first photo reminds me of the stripey knitted clothes hangers in your knitting book. So pretty!

The beading looks wonderful.
Just looked at what you are reading and wonder if you have read The Paper Garden: Mrs Delany Begins Her Life... by Molly Peacock yet? Think you would really enjoy it. I finished it just before our trip to England in April and was rewarded with a view of one of her groundbreaking pictures at The British Museum- I think I made a lot of noise when I encountered it!

How delightful! I want them all - and I agree with Patty: I'd be tempted to wear them all at once. How could you ever decide which one to wear if you were limited to just one???

I think Phoebe needs to tell Marilyn to go, go, go get on an airplane and bring her treasures to the US (southeastern Pennsylvania, please). he, he!

To those of you in the proximity of West Dean, I hope you will be able to indulge in Marilyn's course. It looks as though it will be a real treat.

Perhaps you should have a family motto for departures?

Brockets, let's rocket!
All units go, go, go!

: )

I love it...I am having visions of the Brocket family in some "The Bill" like scramble...all units...

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