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September 15, 2011


I think it's wonderful how people create little pieces of heaven in odd places like roofs. It just looks so peaceful yet it's right in the middle of such a huge city.

Dawn x

PS I shuddered when I remembered what happened to Sikes. Excellent illustrations.

Ooh what a treat! Fantastic photographs - the second one really invites you to tip toe across the roof tops doesn't it?

I was thinking Mary Poppins too! Some of the old chimneys are works of art - love the ones at Hampton Court Palace for instance!

Oh goodness Jane, an oasis amongst the chimney pots, how beautiful.

Dick Van Dyke recently, on a US radio program, mentioned how his Cockney accent went awry: the producers got an accent coach for him - the best they could find in Hollywood of that time was a guy who turned out to be Irish!

what a treat to get a totally different perspective - look forward to seeing the results of the shoot.

So those are chimney pots! (I'll have to find out now what they are for.)

Is your next book another quilting one? Embroidery?

Dear Jane: When I think of the London skyline, I remember poor Sara Crewe in the Little Princess. I can picture her at the garrett window, her chin propped on her palm, taking deep breaths of the soot and smoke and missing her father. I must have read that book at least 10 or 20 times and it made a big impression on me.

I heard DVD say on NPR a few weeks ago that at least part of the reason his accent was so execrable was that his dialect coach was Irish.

I love the perspective in these photos. The views are something that I rarely encounter in my day-to-day life, so it reminds me of the different lifestyles and circumstances in which we find ourselves. You've given me the opportunity to pause and ponder alternatives to my own personal reality. Thank you.

Before you'd even mentioned it I was singing "Mary Poppins step in time" in my best Dick Van Dyke accent!
I love roof top views - despite suffering from vertigo I still force myself to venture there when the option arises!

A serendipitous post, because I've been meaning for the last couple of weeks to ask you if you have ever been here:


I desperately need someone to go for me and report back, as it's unlikely I'll be in London in the next few years (what with all these children that need feeding around here etc).

Jane, you inspired me to quilt, and now you inspire me to return to reading the classics. Thank you so much!

That rooftop looks like such a beautiful place to read on a sunny summer day! I hope you & your family have a great weekend :o)

dear jane; i do enjoy your page

Lovely view !
Youngest Daughter's flat is in a building with a shared 6th floor roof terrace that has a wonderful view of the Westerkerk in Amsterdam . It's magical on a summer evening .

I am very excited at the prospect of a lovely new book but as I have only discovered you in last two years or so I missed 'the Gentle Art of Domesticity' (though have signed copies of both the GA of Knitting and Crocheting) and wonder if there is any prospect of a reprint? I feel £60+ is maybe a little more than I want to spend, wonderful and rare though the book now obviously is. I shall relish my library copy until I have to give it back.

What a fabulous roof garden! Good luck with the new book - can't wait to see it.

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