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November 22, 2011


Nothing else is certainly something to look forward to - how relaxing! The challenge now is to keep the 'nothing' empty :)

Aha! So, it sounds like it *is* a crochet book!

Nothing and tea sounds perfect, and having planted all the bulbs is a wonderful feeling. I have violet creams, extremely hot Lapsang and a new Penguin Modern Classic on my list for a similar when

How funny, every morning I work on my "when" list. It's getting longer and longer, but as yet, Do Nothing isn't on it - which is a bit of an oversight. The Power of Making, however, is right up there at the top, even though I have a horrible feeling I may not get to see it.

Got quite excited seeing all that yarn!

it's an equally dreary day here today in NYC and seeing your matrix of vivid yarn was just the perk-me-up i needed (not withstanding my 2nd cup of coffee close at hand...) Thanks Jane!

But, such inspiring piles!

Yes, this was an excellent pick-me-up. Thanks for putting heart into everyone, I hope not least yourself!

Delicious colour. My 'when' is 12th December. I'll have handed in my first 'proper' college assignment and can concentrate on the festivities which I hope will mostly be occuring around the fire with baskets of yarn, a couple of hooks and some needles. Can't wait.

Oh I want that yarn collection. Such a lovely bunch of colours.

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