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January 03, 2014


Jane I am so excited to see your book. I have loved my copy of The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking to the point it is worn! I have given copies to each of my most precious friends. Congratulations and Happy New Year! Oh my goodness!! :))

Oh my lanta!

So cheerful! ~Kelly

Oh brilliant! I will put in my order today. The cover image is enticing. By the way, the first time I ever heard anyone say the now ubiquitous omg was in 1979. On a flight from Frankfurt to Heathrow our plane was struck by lightning and an American voice shouted 'Oh My God'. (Once the pilot established that everything was ok) I was quite tickled as I had never heard anyone say this before in New Zealand. And now it seems to be the only available expression for the big reveal of any makeover and renovation TV programmes. It's funny how expressions take off.

Can't wait for Amazon to deliver mine!

I like that ... omw. I could do that. My grandfather used to say "great ludenia." People don't say such things anymore.

I am eagerly awaiting your new book. I received it as a gift for Christmas with a note that it would be on its way soon. Really looking forward to it

Dear Jane, I have been reading your blog on and off for the last five years. I came to it via 'The Gentle Art of Domesticity', but in fact I have most particularly enjoyed the bent you have taken in the last year or so, for example with your Grand Tour. I live in Australia, but was born in the UK and have spent several years of my life in the UK, and indeed I still have family living there. I love how you celebrate the everyday English-ness of things without becoming quaint or cute about England. Yours is a matter-of-fact yet joyous, quirky and humorous kind of celebration. Thank you!

Oh my giddy aunt! That quilt is simply stunning! Unfortunately, I don't quilt, nor do I possess a sewing machine but I would love to own something as beautiful as that. I am more of a knitter. Do you still find time for your sock knitting alongside all the quilting? I miss your wonderful photos of socks matched with licquorice allsorts, penguin books etc etc.

Well, call me old-fashioned but I hate all this text-speak, the habit of abbreviating everything... to me a sign of laziness and confirming that people are in just so much of a rush they can't be bothered to use our beautiful language properly.
I love Jenny Lee's, 'Oh my giddy aunt', not heard that in ages but it always brings a smile.
I too, am looking forward to the new book.

Dear Jane, I came to your blog via your books. I enjoy your style of writing, and I enjoy the fact that you vary the topics covered in the blog; cakes, tulips, knitting, quilts, books, travels, etc.. I currently live in Canada, but I grew up in the UK, so I have thoroughly enjoyed your suburban tour and look forward to future excursions. You have introduced me to new authors through the books you have mentioned. I have also enjoyed the last few days of comments, your readers are from all over! I look forward to reading your new book, and to future blog posts. Thank you for the work that you put into these endeavours.

I love the contrast of the peeling paint on the chair with the incredibly sharp lines of the quilt. I recently recommended your blog to a friend who is a painter and he is really enjoying the photos, and, he says, your sense of color. I'll have to make sure he sees that photo. I came to your blog through someone else's knitting blog (don't remember whose) and I am so glad. Your Best Of photos were so wonderful. Thanks for your blog!

Just stunning and very thrilling. I have loved your use of colour for years, and enjoying your use of comments again! Good luck with the release, it looks a stunner. Thanks and happy New Year.

Those colors are gorgeous!! I may have to start quilting (after I finish the spinning, weaving and knitting.)

Thank you for another sneak peak of your book, my copy is also ordered, the colours are so rich. Thank you for your blog, I love reading it and seeing your pictures and ideas.

Congratulations on the new book -- and now that your comments are turned on again, please let me "catch up" and say congratulations on the veritable pile of books you've put out into the world, and thank you for publishing your recipe for Rock Buns.

From a very old reader (since almost the beginning)

I'm really looking forward to this book and have put it on my wish list at Amazon. I love the deck chair quilt above, and how lovely that your comments are back on!

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