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February 06, 2014


I just read the Guardian review, and "split from his partner" doesn't really cover it. I guess they don't want to spoil it, but I thought the whole movie was about that *split* and how our hero deals with it.

I haven't seen this yet and I'm a big fan of the Coen brothers, but I'm not sure when it will get to NZ so I am also avoiding reviews, but a friend wrote about it. He is a kiwi, living in London. I enjoy his writing and his previous reviews are intelligent and thoughtful, so you may be interested in this too: http://choirboymotel.com/2014/01/26/beautiful-loser/

I thought it was sad also. My husband had read the reviews before going and said it was reviewed as a comedy. What? I thought that was BS. I liked the music but didn't think about it after seeing it, which tells me it wasn't all that great.

Some of the reviews enthused about the great soundtrack but surely the point was that quite a lot of the music was of the rather glib, tuneful but formulaic Peter, Paul and Mary/Clancy Brothers (the aran sweaters must have been tongue in cheek here..........) type, apparently despised by Llewyn.

Even his songs and singing style- which were more interesting than the others, didn't rate compared to Dylan, hence his appearance at the very end of the film

Crikey I don't know where I've been but this film has passed me by completely. I love the Coen brothers so was really interested to hear about this - the trailer has got me gripped already! I'm with you on the reviews - my husband runs everything through Rotten Tomatoes before agreeing to watch a film - very annoying as after all it is just someone else's opinion (or at least that's the argument that I use!) Thanks for the 'heads up'x Jane

I loved this too, perfectly melancholy for rainy February. I'm waiting for the new Wes Anderson now my Coen bros appetite has been satisfied.

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