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March 04, 2014


Jane: I'm happy you and your nine muses (many of which I share with you) have been writing for nine years. Your blog is a wonderful respite during a busy day. You find beauty in the simplest things and elevate them to the status they deserve. Having read your work for a while now, I'm thinking about my own blog. Perhaps one day before long, I, too, will be hitting that "Publish" button. Keep doing what you do. I, for one, appreciate it.

Jane I have followed your blog for many years and I think this is one of my favourite ever posts. It gives us such an insight into why you blog and specifically what you enjoy about the process and outcomes of blogging. I know the adjective 'inspirational' has been applied to your work many times, but I think today is a good day to say again 'Thank you Jane, you are an inspiration'. I look forward to the next nine years, and the nine after that, and after that.....

Nine years. Goes by so quickly in some ways and so slowly in others. I started my current job nine years ago. I started reading your blog 7 years ago. I have enjoyed your comments, photos, shared travels, baking, sewing and flowers. I look forward to seeing what you have posted daily. Thank you for the beauty all these nine years and I look forward to all the nines to come.

Happy blog anniversary! Thank you for sharing your perspective; by slowing down to see and think and photograph your own experiences, you enrich our lives by encouraging us to do the same. Thank you!

In the very beginning of discovering blogs, my sister noticed that blogs tended to lead to books which at times led to movies or fame. The first blog I ever read was Pioneer Woman in the days when maybe 100 people would comment. It has been so interesting to watch this medium grow and to enjoy the writing, ideas, photos from bloggers like you!

This post is very inspiring! I've enjoyed reading your posts and admiring your photos (quilts, bulbs, toe nails, etc.) for several years now. It's been a great, colorful joy! :-)

congratulations! it's certainly been a wonder to come to this space and see your thoughts and pictures for the last 4 years for me. (i'm a bit late as a reader.)

i love that the blog has given back to you and pushed you deeper, just as it has all of us. thank you for celebrating domesticity and for the intelligent insight, wit, color, and loveliness you have put back out into the world.

and for introducing me to Elizabeth Gaskell, as well.

oh, yes, and for giving me the courage to cut up some fabric and sew it back together. three years and over a dozen quilts later, i still cite you as my original inspiration and quilting muse.

Happy Ninth! Beethoven's was a lasting inspiration, so why not yours? Thank you for expanding my horizons.

Being "dressed to the nines" or residing on "cloud nine" are euphoric, positive takes on the significance of the number nine, Jane. So with those phrases in mind, I think it is very appropriate that we celebrate the ninth year of your blog: that you still enjoy creating it, and we still enjoy exploring it!

Congratulations Jane. Thanks for carrying on despite the more difficult times. Thanks for your books and the inspiration they have provided to do things. Thanks for the wonderful quilting workshop I came to in the autumn which gave me the confidence I needed to take the lovely fabrics I had gathered over the years and finally turn them into a quilt (well I'm on my way with it at least) . You blog was th first I ever read and has taken me to all sorts of interesting blogs places and ideas. A real achievement, nothing in the least bit 'vain' about it. The internet has simply opened up channels of communication directly between the writer and the reader, without the need for that to be mediated and approved by a third party.

Happy anniversary, Jane (and Yarnstorm!)
I've been reading your blog almost from the start since I had the good fortune of finding it through Ervilha Cor de Rosa. And I still find reasons to keep on reading. Your blog is quite a source of inspiration (yesterday I quilted my first quilt ever!) - thank you so much for keep on writing! Best wishes for the years to come.

Congratulations Jane on the 9 years of blogging. Your blog was the first I ever read back in 2008 after finding the wonderful 'Gentle Arts' book in the I knit London shop. Thank you for all you have shared over the years. You are truly an inspiration.

I have an affection (if you can for a number?!) for the number 9...its the date of my birthday!

Anyway I too love your blog and have great admiration for your writing. I have been trying to describe to my mum what blogging is about and now you put it like that I think she might be more interested as she is a writer.

Am so glad to hear your positive views on blogging..there was a moment I thought yarnstorm might cease to be and that made me feel quite sad!

Congratulations! You've created a lovely virtual "place" we can visit to enjoy your ideas, images and philosophy -- thank you! I began reading in May 2005, right after I learned to knit, and it's been interesting and fun watching you develop this site over time. I found inspiration here even before you became a Published Author, and hope to be able to keep coming back for many years to come.

Congratulations on nine lovely years! :)

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