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December 03, 2008


'Pumpkin' has long been a term of endearment in our family, although my Little Pumpkins are now threatening to overtake me in height!Looking forward to seeing the quilt!!

Lovely, rich colors! One of the mini pumpkins on my windowsill had a bit of a meltdown this year. And I just cut up almost an entire bolt of magenta cabbage. I admired a different texture or color with every cut and was a bit sad when it was gone.

I never thought of it as being an American-ish saying, but I see how where the "pumpkin" is endearing to you, the "my little cabbage" is new and endearing to me! So sweet! Swapping terms of endearment accross seas... I might call one of my little ones a cabbage today... and I should keep the camera ready as I'm sure I'll get an odd look.

that is the most perfect little pumpkin.

We like to use little pumpkins to decorate the table in October and November. I like the idea of your little pumpkin quilt. I find that as I'm getting older I'm finding orange more and more attractive, and it's not a color I usually like.

What a term of endearment! I called both of my boys "my little pumpkin" when they were babies. They're all grown up now — 28 and 30 years old — but still "my little pumpkins."

I've always loved the term mon petit chou (although my French teacher always added and extra chou - made it extra cute, I guess).

I've never commented before - at least I think I haven't - I'm shy and lurky but wanted to say that I recently took my first trip to England and one of the mementos I brought back with me was a copy of Cherry Cake. I'm hoping to end up there some day soon so eventually all those metric measurements will make sense. :)

I'm my mom's "punkin" I guess being a 10 pound baby on Halloween is something I can't escape, even 26 years later!

loved your post today!!
i once had an orange cat and i named him pumpkin for that very reason.

Americans often pronounce and spell the endearment as 'punkin'.

I really must stop checking your blog EVERY DAY because I want to quilt, quilt, quilt and I don't have time right now!

I call my children pumpkins as endearments. It works. Where are all of the posts from your previous blog, Yarnstorm? Are you importing them eventually into this one?~~Dee

I must admit that I have never understood why being called pumpkin is so sweet. The idea of being orange and round just doesn't appeal... Maybe it's because I'm Norwegian? ;)

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