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January 20, 2009


Hi Jane
Just the colour fix I needed on such a dull day! I've been huddled up watching I Capture the Castle on DVD - the perfect antidote to such a winters afternoon. Happy quilting. Sal x

What STUNNING fabrics. I don't think I've ever seen an amalgamation of such beautiful colours! Oh, to see those stitched into a quilt...

The colours in those fabrics are enough to brighten any day. Glorious!

Somehow I never feel alone when I am immersed in creativity in my studio. I could spend my life in there. I am, however, always cheered by packages though mine tend to be overwhelmingly books. I like to see the fabric before I purchase.

Enjoy your purchases.

Lovely, bright cheery colours for a grim Jan day.

That's a lovely collection of fabrics. Another beautiful floral quilt waiting to be born, no doubt!
I too keep getting comments about the seemingly endless flow of US Mail packages coming in. I sometimes feel that I'm singlehandedly keeping my local post office running, something for which they should be thankful, don't you think? ;-)

Its so important to keep our posties busy, I do my best too. Our postie Bill is wonderful too, always time for a quick chat, interested in the garden, keeps an eye on the old folks in the village, service beyond the call of duty.

Those are gorgeous fabrics! What a great pick-me-up for this time of year. Although I'm rather appalled by the comments people make about your packages. Maybe they are jealous?

I'm currently reading a book that makes me think of you, and your category of "domestic literature." It's called The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs. Beeton. It's the biography of the woman who wrote The Book of Household Management, a staple for any new bride in the Victorian Era. Although, at the moment it seems as though she wrote it because she wanted the ideal home, not because she already had it. Very interesting. I was just curious to see if you were familiar with it.


Your colorful fabric is full of such wonderful voluptuousness!!

Lovely cache of fabrics there. I think you need to start ordering items from totally odd sounding companies just to see the faces in the PO. Brown paper packages from naughty nuns of northampton?!

Can't wait to see these fabrics presented as the finished article

And all I get are bills from the mail lady!

My mail ladies comment on the packages of yarn I get in the mail, and the mail ladies at the Post Office and I talk about the books I mail out. Love those postal workers!

And your fabrics are glorious! Perfect to brighten any winter day.

Oh, they look good enough to eat with colours surprisingly similar to those in your foil wrapped eggs...

Where I live, I'm not usually color starved, but the photo above just popped out to me from the screen and made me happy, happy, happy!

Or even, "The looniness of the long distance quilter"!

The post service is one of my favourite things in life. A kind and personable delivery person can't be beat! And a whole office knowing of you and your packages' coming and going and contents - even better! Apparently the US postal service would be going under if not for catalogues and bulk mail, so few people utilize them any longer. I read this after popping down and shipping off some returns, happy to have a reason to support the nice folks that bring me yarn and other delish items.

A side note, or rather, question - any plans for Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer being released here in the US?

Reminds me of a relationship I had with the UPS man when I was a stay-at-home mom-the only grown-up contact some days.

HAHA! Maybe it's rare in London but in rural England all information is power! 15 minutes queuing at the post office is worth a year of diligent attendance at the Parish Council! I lived here 3 years before the day when my mum happened to be in the garden with me when our lovely postie arrived - they greeted each other on first name terms and laughed about the fact that I had no idea that he had known me when I was a child growing up in a nearby village - that's Norfolk for you! t.x

Those colours are stunning. I hope you'll show us how you're using them! I can't wait to find out.

oh what pretty sweet colours! my old postman used to be at my door at least twice a week while I was pregnant with the twins and used to make jokes with my hubby about the frequent visits to our house!


Really wonderful. I'm a long time reader, first time commenting. I have so enjoyed your inspiring site. Your book has been on my wish list at Amazon and I finally received it for Christmas this year. It is so absolutely wonderful. I can't find enough descriptive words to praise it. I have spent many nights soaking up your prose and photos. Thank you for such a peaceful and colorful blog and book. I'm enjoying

Who knows, maybe your postman reads your blog? :) Have a nice day!

I absloutly love your blog!!! I'd be honored to feature you on my blog too!!

Hi Jane,

I just happened upon your book at the store the other day and can't put it down. It is lovely in every way. I've just done a post about it on my blog (www.lalalovelythings.blogspot.com)

x Trina

I just love the idea of the post office knowing so much about you by your mail (post). The person who delivers my mail (when I'm usually never home) seems to change regularly. I don't think I've ever known my postal worker's name. How sad! Love the colors, too. What a cheerful addition to my day. Thanks!

I saw your cards today in Morningside Edinburgh ! Mellstock Quire if anyone in Edinburgh is trying to find a stockist.

Sometimes I wonder what our postman thinks of all the yarn packages that are delivered to our house.

Hi Jane,
I love your blog and follow it faithfully. My only confusion is about where the nasty people come from and why they don't just go somewhere else. Oh well, would that life were like that.

Some weeks (or months) ago you had a link to a company that sold quilts that were made up of relatively few large pieces of fabric rather than the many pieces that usually constitute my quilts. The quilts were stunning and different than any I had ever seen. It may have been one of your recommended favorite sites, but I can't remember. Foolishly, I did not make a note of the web address and cannot remember the name. I have tried locating it through a Google search, but as you might imagine the bazillions of hits that resulted from my confused search were useless. Do you remember the site or company name and would you possibly have time to send me some information so that I could locate it again? I'm sorry to bother you with this request, but if it is not very time consuming I would appreciate being able to see those quilts again. Thanks so much for your blog and your help. Karen

Hi Jane, I'll let you in on a little secret... I am scared stiff of experimenting with colour. Living near the sea means I always return to my favourite blues and aquas'. But after reading The Gentle Art and your wonderful blog little splashes of pink yellow and orange are making their way into our home. And hats off to all our wonderful posties for bringing such parcels of gorgeousness into our lives xxx

I must say, I adore those fabric! Beautiful colors.. xo

Absolutely fabulous shock of colour in that photo, it made me gasp with pleasure!

You crack me up.

Loving the colours on another dreary UK day! Have you checked out www.cottonpatch.co.uk (shop in Birmingham) has a great Kaffe Fassett selection!

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