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January 15, 2009


Sweet indeed!

Lindt Easter Eggs!!??! That sounds perfect for January! I'll have to hunt some down.

Deserved treats indeed. I have a weakness for Lindt eggs too, it goes back to childhood. Do you remember the Lindt (at least I'm almost certain they were Lindt) chocolate rabbits that came in a small, slim rectangular box, the sort that slides out? I long to see them in a shop again, they were the chocolate I dreamed of all year.

Which means now I need to go out and buy chocolates...

Oh me too! (the Lindt eggs) I didn't know they were still available ~ haven't seen them for years, but will be keeping my eye out from now on!

I love the picture - it's so cheery!

You are the third person I've read to mention The Suspicions of Mr Whicher. I think I'll have to find a copy.

Hi Jane
This is the first time I have ever commented on ANY blog, so I hope I'm doing it right. I want to say how thrilled I am that your photos are being produced as greetings cards and have you thought about using some of them in a calendar? I say this because I sent off for the Country Living 2009 calendar which arrived yesterday and I'm very disappointed with it. There's not enough colour in it for my taste. I want pictures and snippets of domesticity that make me want to create, feel, think. Your photos do it for me! Please suggest it to your publishers.
Best wishes

I have to get through "Three Cups of Tea" before book club on January 26, so I must run out and by a treat to bribe myself with, too. It's just too hard to pull myself away from the knitting long enough to read. Good luck with your reading.

My mother and I watched The Bishops's Wife not long ago and I was smitten by the ice skating scene but not at all sure it was Mr. Grant. Is it really? You seem like the lady that would know!

And with everyone going for chocolate, I guess I will take it as a psychic push to go for the gym. I'm resisting today...but if I don't, then I can't nosh on the truffle bar I've got!

Ah =to post a picture of those chocolate eggs!! So cruel!! love the colours though. Years since I've seen the Wallace Collection - but I always found it fascinating that one family had such an extensive and interesting collection! B

Good luck with the book, I certainly know what those deadlines are like.

I know the feeling of the looming book deadline! My recent manuscript was due to the press on December 1...and my firstborn child was due December 3. Our little guy kindly waited until I got the book done but also gave me a little time to go shopping before making his arrival on Dec. 9. Whew!

Glad you've got another book in the works! I really enjoyed Gentle Domesticity.

You could always convince your self they aren't *really* Easter Eggs. Just Lindt chocolates that happen to be somewhat ovoid in shape ;)

For me it is the Lindt Lindor Christmas chocolates...yumyumyumyum. Well, everyone needs something nice in January eh?!

I'm reading Mr. Whicher, too! Can't put it down (but must since a big editing deadline dooms). I'm riveted by anything taking place in Victorian England, I must admit, and this is fascinating since it's a true story. Amazing insights on attitudes toward family and women...and oh how I wish I had some of those chokkies right about now!

I watched The Bishop's Wife just before Christmas on TCM and replayed the skating scene a few times to see if I could work out if it was Cary on skates. I agree with you - almost convincing, but a stockier body.
In any case, Cary was too suave to be so athletic, surely!

Over here in the US we get Dove dark chocolates. Do you have them? MMmmm!

I cried out loud with the mention of the Bishops Wife - it's my all time favorite film but if I mention it to anyone they look at me blank. Then I explain it's about an angel called "Dudley" and all they can think about is the Black Country! I wish I had my own "Dudley" around from time to time. Thanks Jane, you made me rush over to Amazon and buy a copy to enjoy again and again in these cold winter evenings :)

I watched The Bishops Wife over the Christmas holidays and was also fascinated by the skating scene. It is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. I love Cary Grant and think he is an awesome actor, but I do not believe he was that awesome an ice skater.

My hat's off to you, Jane, and the way you do things - you're a delight!

Oh,how I love the Bishop's Wife! And although he does not do his own skating (except in the obvious parts), he did do a number of his own stunts in other movies. Perhaps a throwback to his Pender troupe days?

Lindt eggs? Oh, my! One just knows they are as delicious as they look.

I soooo agree! I was utterly annoyed at my supermarket when I saw Easter Eggs (mostly because I have a 5 year old) but at the same time really wanted to buy them. Can't the stores give us a break - they run all the holidays together and drives me crazy. I like specific times of year for specific reasons and they are blurring all the lines. Still...they look yummy. Made Brocket Battenburg today...

I'm looking forward to read your new book; I have just read "The Gentle Art of Domesticity" and I enjoyed it very much.
Greetings from Barcelona.

The Bishop's Wife ice skating scenes are priceless - and histerically funny. How suave is he? Every year I host a Xmas party for friends which starts with ice-skating in princes street gardens in Edinburgh followed by a screeening of the bishop's wife at home - and that scene gets the laughs all the time. One of my favourite pics.

that is such a strange, funny little movie. priceless. those eggs remind me of the colors of your quilts -- is that by accident, or have you spent your entire quilting life replicating your childhood treats?

I have to admit I was alarmed to see easter eggs on your post. I still have a felted snowman wreath thingo attatched to my door! I am in no way prepared to be thinking of easter yet!!!!!

It's the hot cross buns on sale at Christmas that makes me hot and cross!
I lived very near to Manchester Square about twenty years ago - we were lucky to have the key to the garden in the Square- we used to have lovely picnics in there on Sundays.

Just knowing that you have a quilting book in the works brings a smille to my face - I'm sure it will be wonderful!

The colours of the foil wrappers on those Lindt eggs ARE Easter for me! And I watched that film last week...such bliss! Is there anything Cary Grant didn't do with elegance and style?!

Chill about the eggs- we've already established on my blog that some of my readers ate creme eggs before me this year...and I managed my first on Jan 5th!!! Note to self 'try harder next year' (secret note - put them on my christmas list!). Sorry! Lowering the tone. I know they're not posh like lindt and the wrapping's not so pretty but OH I love that gooey stuff! Now, stop reading this and go write!! t.x

Oh jeez, now I must have chocolate!
BTW I'm loving your book. Can't wait for the new one.

Lindt Easter eggs, yum! I'll be hunting for those next week. I love reading your blog Jane. It really brightens up my day. Can't wait to see your quilt book, oh and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for your cards. xxx

I beat you to it Jane I had myself a packet of that well kept secret last week!! You know what they say about the early birds?

Jane, have a look at this! Neat knitting, absolutely stunning: http://www.coraline.com/?#/?page=theatre&subPage=4

Thought the BBC radio 4 series on Darwin fascinating - have you read

I also watched The Bishop's Wife this week, and I also love the scene of Cary Grant and Loretta Young skating. I agree that he is not doing the swirls and twirls, but in at least part of the scene he seems to be actually on skates. And he seems quite at home.

I'm looking forward to your new book!

I'm reading Mr Whicher as well, earlier days for me but it looks good. A Metropolitan Murder by Lee Jackson is also good if you like Victorian Murders!

yum! that picture so cheered me up here! I love the Bishop's Wife and I look forward to your new book - good luck!

Love the easter candy in January....I thought we were bad here in the US...glad there is company out there...but couldn't you give an independent bookstore in your area the business in stead of Amazon???? Support ALL indies!

The books you read always sound so thrilling in a sort of fairy-tale, fantasy sort of way. I'm almost jealous

Am just listening to the last week's Radio Four interview with Darwins greatx? grand daughter while eating a creme egg in your honour!

I have in front of me a regrettably awful sound recording of The Voyage of the Beagle. Wishing it were better. I'm supposed to be studying, again. So I logged on to get a color break and here's this wonderful link. Thank you!

P.S. Are the foil colors covering those chocolate eggs really that beautiful? I've got to get some. Just to look at them. I hope they come in dark chocolate.

I can't wait to hear more about the new book!

-Sarah from Create Studio

Found your comments about Cary Grant and had to laugh. You've expressed very succinctly what so many Cary Grant fans feel. How many of us have stopped what needed to be done just to watch that gorgeous man. Best wishes on your book.


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