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January 08, 2009


I read the Secret Garden as a child and it is one book that stayed with me for a long time. The Shuttle looks like a great book too, and thanks for your remarks.

That sign is cheating! If you aren't clever enough or magical enough to find them then you don't deserve entry!

As someone who discovered FHB in 4th grade, a half century ago, and who has re-read A Little Princess, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and The Lost Prince too many times to count, I am delighted to discover two novels for adults that will surely sweep me up as did Misslethwaite Manor on its "wuthering" moors, or the small attic at the top of Miss Minchin's school, even before Ram Dass made his quiet way across the rooftops at night. A book recommendation is a priceless gift, since "There is no frigate like a book/ To take us lands away,/Nor any coursers like a page/ Of prancing poetry." I'm off to track down my next "frugal chariot," with many thanks to you as I do so.

Loved the Secret Garden as a child. Did not know she was the one who wrote it. I'm always looking for a good read so I'll check out The Shuttle.

The Secret Garden was (if not still is) my most favorite book as a child. I read A Little Princess, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and The Lost Prince all - they were enchanting. I realize reading this that I hadn't thought of them in a long time - and will have to read them to my son. I hope he finds them as enchanting.

I love FHB, and had always rather hoped I'd have a daughter someday so I could call her Sara, because "A Little Princess" was probably my favorite book when I was growing up. "Secret Garden" was probably second favorite (although Louisa May Alcott, and L.M. Montgomery were pretty competitive in this category). My copy of Little Princess is tattered beyond belief and, even though my sister nicely gave me a lovely, hardbound, illustrated copy a few years ago, it's the old tattered one I love. I have a copy of "Little Lord Fauntleroy", too, with a picture of Ricky Schroeder and Alec Guinness on the cover from a tv-movie version of it. I even hunted down a copy of "The Lost Prince" a few years ago--one of the only others of her books that my school library had, have read the Marchionness book, AND read a biography of the author last year.

Which, I might add, was remarkably good and interesting--she had such an interesting life and was beyond prolific. Did you know she wrote upwards of 30 books??

Dear Jane,

I discovered your blog just a few months ago,and have been happy to have your take on life...in the lovely little bits you share.

My Christmas present from my husband this year was your first book (from Amazon.co.uk because I think the cover is so cheerful on the British version). It has been sitting on top of the bookshelf in my bedroom, and I am waiting for just the right time to dip into it, but it brings me pleasure when I walk past it and look forward to that moment.

And I am so glad to have been reminded about The Shuttle. I think I have a very old copy somewhere, that I have never read! The Secret Garden and The Little Princess are old friends and I was so happy to read The Little Princess to my fifteen-year-old son on the porch this summer and watch him get drawn in. There is nothing like a good story.

My favourite FHB moment is in A Little Princess where Sara has been describing how the attic should look and then they go in and find that Ram Dass has worked his magic - it's a perfect fairytale moment. Several of the books have been read for Librivox so you can read and knit at the same time.

I always aimed for a dolls' trousseau like the one in A Little Princess when I was making my dolls clothes. I loved those books!

I don't like the FHB books, I hate that whole divide between very rich and very poor children and don't find it particularly comfortable to visit even allowing for all the magic. Clearly I'm not in the right place today! But I do love that sign! Have you ever followed it? Perhaps it's a bluff and it takes you somewhere else completely to ensure you don't find the hidden one..t.x

I LOVE FHB! I just bought "A Little Princess" for one of my nieces for Christmas. I read through both that book and "The Secret Garden" every few years.

They were and still are my favourite books of all time.

I absolutely LOVE The Secret Garden and even made an entire art quilt about it. In the center of the quilt is a fabric door that actually opens to 3 different pages to show the different seasons in the garden. I recently found and bought a new illustrated version by Inga Moore (pub 2008 by Candlewick Press) that is the best illustrated version I've ever seen. Many, many illustrations in the same vein as the original and a larger format book for reading to a child. I highly recommend it. Also, the movie by Agneiskia (?) Holland made in the 1990's seems to also be the best for capturing the true feel of the movie without making it seem like a TV movie.

Just because of FHB's The Secret Garden (which I read at 8 and then again at 40), I have created a secret garden in part of our half acre here in Australia.

It has taken time to become 'secret', but the blue gate is now surrounded by honeysuckle and the twisting path fringed with herbs.

Your post has reminded me that I have to go out there and weed this w/e!

Love the idea of hidden messages under your carpet.

Reading your post Jane, and all these comments I feel amongst friends. I read and re-read my sister's paperback copy of A Little Princess until it fell apart. It was the Puffin edition illustated by Margary Gill. I poured over the pictures and longed to have a doll such as Sara's. The Secret Garden too was read several times. Years later when working as a Nanny I had great joy in introducing FHB to the girls I was caring for who were equally enchanted. I must now become aquainted with her adult books, already adding the ones you have mentioned to my wanted listed, especially the delightful editions published by Persephone.

I love the Secret Garden. My mother, who was born in 1915 loved it also and when she was an older lady I gave her a copy of the book had found and she was so happy. I still love to read it and I love the movie also. Wish things were still as they are in the book.

I picked up several Burnett books off of Project Gutenberg and have really enjoyed reading them, especially the ones intended for adult readers. It's interesting seeing how her themes of magic, class, religious belief etc. play out in different books. That Lass o' Lowrie's is one of my favorites; I also enjoy T. Tembarom, A Lady of Quality, and The Shuttle, as well as the traditional Secret Garden and A Little Proncess.

I have long loved The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, and I have The Shuttle on my Amazon wish list (and The Making of a Marchioness among my many "to-buys" from Persephone!). Bliss!

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