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January 05, 2009


My daughter gave my a lovely gadget called a bookchair for Christmas. It's like a little deck chair & it has 2 prongs to hold a book open whilst you read. So now I can knit & read at the same time & my current sock is progressing nicely whilst I enjoy my Christmas books!

This yarn is so pretty! Like a bowl of navel oranges and clementines!!! Very citrus-y

Socks, sometimes they're like
No 27 buses!

Jane Brocket you are becoming fickle! Who would have thought it possible! I am most impressed by your frivolous approach to 2009! t.x

Gorgeous yarn. The second sock never holds the excitement of the first does it but I'm a completer finisher so obviously I have to make a pair before I move on.

Persephone should have you on retainer. I think I'm going to have to order THE SHUTTLE!

I've never heard of that Frances Hodgson Burnett novel. Is it any good?

serious love for that sock yarn is being sent your way. i love the self-striping yarns like this. although, i have never made a pair of socks with it.

i know, it's such a shame. i'm stuck in a mittens and hats phase right now, and while i covet sock yarns and socks out of said yarns, i must first de-stash a bit.

so, hats and mittens and such. but someday? someday i will have pictures of socks on my needles like that!

My head would have been turned by that yarn too!

I read "The Shuttle" over the US Thanksgiving holiday and couldn't put it down! I haven't read anything from Persephone yet that wasn't wonderful. I wish it wasn't so frightfully expensive to have them shipped to the US.

I asked for and received "The Shuttle" for Xmas and gobbled it down far too quickly! I wish I'd made it last a little longer as it was such a fascinating book.
Oh, and I love the sock, too!

Those socks are so beautiful! The perfect colors for a wintry day. Thanks!

That sock is yummy. I am so illiterate I didn't even realize Burnett had written anything but The Secret Garden. Who says you waste your time on the internet. Now I feel the need to reread The Secret Garden.

I'm reading The Shuttle too!!(part of my Christmas gift from the husband) - as a consequence all my knitting has fallen by the wayside!

Now I The Shuffle too! I feel left out.

or even The Shuttle. lol. Ignore me, I'm having a bad day!

You remind me to stop wasting time on the computer and get on with making passionfruit ice-cream (it is a hot one today in Sydney) so that I can then go and finish off some quilting. Thank you for the inspiration!

I bought myself your book for my Christmas present. And I am absolutely loving it. I feel like it was written to inspire me. Lately, with college, I have been lacking time to knit, but at the same time, I have the ability to be creative in all that I do.
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your words. And I hope you have a fantastic New Year!!

That sock yarn is FABULOUS. Unfortunately, I can't find intarsia 1800 on their website. Please help!

What a wonderful color! It makes me excited for spring!

What fab yarn! Just the shade to lift the spirits from the post-festive malaise!
I have one of those book deck chairs so I am able to read Winifred Holtby's South Riding hands free while I knit. I'm loath to damage the spines of my lovely Persephone collection, though....

Temptation indeed! For the second day in a row, I'm finding myself clicking over to Schoppel Wolle for yet another browse of their wonderful sock yarns... so tempting!

I love how the black/white is a single row stripe. Isn't nice to have so many choices for free time. My knitting frequently gets abandoned for reading. I haven't been able to do both at the same time yet. That might be too much of a good thing.

MMM - a citrus confection!

Wow! what a colour to lighten the winter darkness no wonder you couldn't resist the temptation.

"it's best to burn with curiosity, that way you don't feel the flames." the person who used this doesn't remember where he got it from, but i love it. my motto for 09! it's not temptation, merely curiosity :) beautiful yarn.

I have not heard of that Frances Hodgson Burnett book and will have to look into it since I was a fan of her books when I was young. Thanks for posting about it! And, you are right, that is a tempting looking yarn. I wonder if they sell it on this side of the ocean?

Like Rebbecca I also can´t find any of these sock yarns in the site you´ve indicated. Could you please help me?

So many socks! so impressive ... I'm not surprised you have memorised the pattern. They are all beautiful, but I have to say the hyacinth pair are particularly beautiful. I am a serial starter, also unable to resist temptation... there's nothing wrong with several projects at once, at all!! Happy new year Jane.

Great yarn!

You're killing me! I don't know how to knit (I did about 100 yrs ago) but these yarns are so gorgeous!

Lovely wool...I've found it available in the UK to buy here:

Your 'Gentle Art' book was one of my Christmas presents and I am savoring it chapter by chapter. Even while in the middle of reading it I started getting Elizabeth Taylor books and have enjoyed those immensely...So I didn't hesitate when you mentioned The Shuttle and it is on its way to me now! Can't wait--thank you for your Wonderful book that charms me everyday.

What beautiful socks you model for us! The color's are so warm and rich ...like carmel dripping from an ice cream sundae!

One of the promises I made myself for the New Year ...try to knit atleast one pair of socks each month. I have a basket full of sock yarn which I'm sure would last me a lifetime even knitting one pair a month! Happy Knitting and Happy New Year!

I do enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous! I love someone brave enough to work in orange! Knitting has always escaped me as a skill...maybe I'll have better luck with crochet. Either way, I'm envious!

That sock yarn... it's like a miracle when you get into the pattern, I think.

What a lovely sock yarn to be working on in January! It's like a dose of sunshine. Enjoy!

Knitting two different socks as a pair is totally normal. There's a US company that does just that...I'm spinning a super thin yarn in hopes I could find someone to knit me socks some day :)

Knitting two different socks as a pair is totally normal. There's a US company that does just that...I'm spinning a super thin yarn in hopes I could find someone to knit me socks some day :)

Knitting two different socks as a pair is totally normal. There's a US company that does just that...I'm spinning a super thin yarn in hopes I could find someone to knit me socks some day :)

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