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January 22, 2009


It's not just the flowers! The bulbs are so pretty too!
I posted about my adventures with hyacinths this year. My mum bought me some lovely bubblegum pink ones (I know, I'm just not that refined or discerning, what can I say!) Fact is, they came up blue, but I don't care. They didn't go mouldy for once! Maybe next year I'll get more ambitious and go for naked bulbs too! t.x

Beautiful photograph.

Jane, yet again you have grown excuisite flowers. I need to make a list of things to grow over the dreary winter months, and your blog will certainly be a source of reference!

Beautiful photo!
The pink tinge of the bulbs really echo the flowers. Such a shame to bury them when they can be out on display like that!

The flowers remind me of little sea creatures. Beautiful photograph!

On this cold winter, day I wish I could stick my nose in your photo and smell the aroma of spring. Beautiful, just beautiful!

I totally agree with you about the colour of the blossoms, and with the others about the colour of the bulbs.
Thank you for remeinding me that spring will come...

Jane, they are perfect. What a royal color! I need to try growing some like this. Do you need the bulbs prepared in a special way?

That one looks good enough to eat. Our soil is mostly clay and I have a devil of a time keeping color in my blues and purples. I shall look for some to have indoors, especially this one.

After having some renovations done I finally had some decent depth windowsills. Blue hyacinths are gracing them and I love them!

My bulbs are still in the garage...last time I checked, I had about an inch of growth. Maybe I will be able to bring them in this weekend and soon have flowers of my own! Mine are delft blue, if i recall correctly.

I love that the beautiful colour of the flowers matches the bulbs.

I just caught myself trying to inhale the scent as I read!!

Glorious colour on a grey day, you always cheer me.

What a beautiful photo, such a vivid, intense hue.
The sight of bulbs grown this way takes me back to my junior school days when one was always on the nature table at this time of year along with a jar of hazel catkins.
Is it easy to locate these growing jars as I would love to get some for next winter?

That photo literally made me hold my breath in delight at seeing it! I love checking your blog and being instantly enchanted by the photographs - thank you once again for sharing the beauty you see around you!

Beautiful flowers!

I am just beginning to read your new book and wanted to pass along an article I saw that may be related to your Master's thesis...it was the first thing in my email this morning!


Also, on the topic of Domestic artwork, I have a picture of the painting by Jean-Francois Millet,"The Knitting Sheperdess" that was recently acquired by St. Louis (Missouri, USA) Art Museum...it's quite lovely.

Oh, how lovely! I can hardly wait for the spring bulbs to emerge!

It's so beautiful. I think you should post every day because your photos are always a feast for the eyes. No pressure, by the way.

Love, love, love. The papery texture of the bulbs, the gorgeous colors, the exposed roots. It's practically singing "spring is coming! spring is coming!" Thank you for once again brightening my day :)

Lovely! The scent is fabulous too, I can smell them from here!!

I adore 'Woodstock' too - makes all the other lighter pinks seem too insipid. Though like you, I'm a sucker for the good old white hyacinth. There was quite a flurry of a discussion on various blog sites a coupe of weeks ago about getting hyacinth to bloom properly in time for Christmas, and it's true it can be difficult... But like you, I favour growing in lovely glass forcing jars - I have a few fifties ones in gorgeous jewel-bright colours.
I'm really enjoying this "new" blog with all its surprising and varied subject matter - and LOVE the look of the new cards. What a fab idea, and well done. You'll put the professional photographers out of business!
ps There was THE most amazing dark almost black-purple hyacinth at Chelsea Flower Show a few years ago - think it was called 'Midnight' - amazing, with black-streaked stem.
xx Elspeth

"Woodstock" is my favorite hyacinth. It looks even better with "Valerie Finnis" muscari (light blue).

How lovely to have such beautiful flowers during winter!

See, Jane, look...Elspeth Thompson made a comment on your blog. Wow! Are you sure you don't pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming??

Hi, Elspeth, my name is Cathleen and I really like your writings and I wonder when your Wonderful Weekend book will be available in the US?

Okay....slinking away so I don't continue to act like a dork!

Oh how you tempted me with your beautiful hyacinths last year and now these are even more stunning! It seemed like such an easy project, I bought the bulbs and some lovely forcing glasses off eBay. I followed the directions, I waited,
my husband complained for weeks about the lack of refridgerator space. But in the end, they molded.
I will just enjoy yours this year :-) you 'hyacinth-growing-expert'

Oh, yes, those are amazing! The color of the blooms is very special, then the purple bulbs amp it up even more.

If you like Woodstock you should also try Gipsy Queen, which is a stunning apricoty blend. I grew both in the garden about 3 yrs ago and they were fantastic.

Those look absolutely gorgeous.

Your hyacinths are lovely - unfortunately I can't have them in the house, as they make me sneeze!

I was so miserable in November that I never really got round to doing bulbs! So I am going to have to live vicariously through yours this year. Love these, gorgeous!

Why have I just now discovered your book? How long has it been out in the US? Complete EYE CANDY-and looks like some good reading as well. Love the vivid colors and mix of all the things I love(except knitting/crotcheting, haven't mastered that skill yet) Well, if hubby doesn't get it for me for Valentines day, I will get it for myself. I have been banned from forcing any more bulbs in the house because of paperwhites a few years ago. (Have you smelled them? Reminded hubby of cat urine.) The fuschia flower combined with the fuschia bulb is a wow! Maybe I will try hyacinths next year.


-Sarah from Create Studio

They look absolutely gorgeous, Jane, particularly the way the bulb & blossom colours tone.

BTW - there's no need to search, & pay extra, for 'prepared' bulbs.

I read in some gardening tips somewhere that what you do is buy the ordinary hyacinth bulbs, good ones, then put them in a paper bag in the fridge for four weeks. That's the 'preparation' bit!

So I did, & now have two pots of two different shades of pink hyacinths to perfume & brighten the end of January & beginning of February. & some spare change.

Of course, if you wanted the blooms for a particular date you might need to do a bit of advanced arithmetic with a calendar, but it seems to work otherwise.

Hey Jane, beautiful flowers! Here's a link to a recent NZ baking cookbook I know you would love. Mmmm baking, yum! http://www.penguin.co.nz/afa.asp?idWebPage=30233&ID=1892327&SID=309836770
thanks for all your bloggy inspiration.

Found your blog from a back copy of Prima. It's lovely, and I'll definitely be popping in regularly from now on. Re the Lindt egg wrappers - a friend of mine made a lovely necklace by screwing the papers into tight little beads and stringing them into a necklace!

Thank you for your lovely post. You may already know this one, it was a favorite of my grandmother, it's now on her headstone:

If of thy mortal goods though art bereft

And from thy slender store, two loaves alone to thee are left

Sell one and with the dole,

Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul

--anonymous Persian poet

Thanks again for the lovely hyacinths for January, my grandmother has been gone one year this month.

Have filled a lovely large pot from Whichford Pottery with Woodstock hyacinths - just waiting for them to come up.

I am a long reading lurker. I am very gloomy indeed that yarnstorm is no more. I know that nothing is forever. But it seems so sad not to be able to look at your toothbrush artwork. I have a picture in my mind but it doesn't do it justice. I don't recall what was the thread you used and I wish I knew.I am also sad not to have pictures of the sweets and... the rock buns. I could almost smell them from your pictures.I have pictures in my mind of years worth of bulbs that you planted. I very much appreciate those memories though I don't know you at all. I thank you deeply for recording what you did.

Lovely flowers! The green and purple side-by-side are so beautiful.

Hi Jane

What a beautiful colours.I like
hyacinths.Just a loveley flower with a wonderful fragance.
Have a nice evening,

I am so happy to see the beginning of your fabulous spring flower photographs. Tulips can't be too far away now.

Beautiful photo! I always buy the blue ones as I think they smell stronger.

You've probably mentioned before, but what are the vases called that you use for the forced bulbs? They're so gorgeous!
Perhaps another reader knows?

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