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January 09, 2009


You'd think that would be more common! We were always allowed to do things like that! Makes far more sense!

Something we need to do (change the carpets that is). When we finally get around to it, I will remember to break out the marker pens for a bit of fun the day before too.

Oh, I love this! "Go mad with marker" should be something we all do every now and again.

My siblings and I once did a felt-tip pen mural on a wall that was due to be stripped and re-wallpapered. It was great fun, and felt a little wicked (no doubt that added to the enjoyment!). I love the idea of doing the same thing on a carpet.

We always used to do this with the children on wallpaper that was about to be stripped.But only when they were big enough to realise they couldn't go around writing on any walls they liked! Having said thad my grandmother used to have a patch of wallpaper in her living room that the grandchildren were allowed to colour in.

That is a brilliant idea! I've never heard of such a thing before, but I like it and my children would love it.

What a GREAT idea. I hope I remember this if ever I have the chance to get new carpet!

Your kids will always remember this. Very fun!

Wonderful idea!

What a terrific idea! I definitely plan to remember this for the future. One time we also drew all over the walls a month or so prior to when we were going to repaint. So much fun!

My children did this with paint, right on the floor tiles that were to be carpeted.

When I was little my parents put an addition on the house with a poured concrete floor. My mom let us go wild with crayons on it before the carpet was installed.

What's fun about writing directly on the floor is that when you do eventually change the carpet, you get to see your artwork again!

Tried adding a comment - but the verification thing wasn't working!! Will try again. When my children were small, I painted the kitchen unit doors with blackboard paint - they could then 'create' to their hearts' content - with the added bonus that the doors were wiped more often than my kitchen doors are used too!! Very important for children to feel free to create in their homes.

I have new flooring being put in soon. What a great idea! My kids will love doing this (once). :-)

I have new flooring being put in soon. What a great idea! My kids will love doing this (once). :-)

Aaaah...we once graffiti'd every wall of our breakfast room as my mother was preparing to re-wallpaper. She was so pleased, she left it for weeks (and then reported that the permanent marker took many coats of primer to cover completely).

We lived in a caravan for a time whilst house building - by the time we moved into our new home the beautiful boy, then aged 3, had become adept at drawing road layouts with black marker pen all over the linoleum floors and plastic walls! I had sleepless nights that this free-range child would do the same all over my longed for new home - but somehow, happily, he understood the difference...PHEW! t.x

how fun! :) that's totally something we'd do, if we didn't save all out old carpets :-p

Two memories of wild and wonderful...the first was when I was about 6 or 7 - my parents were going to tear up the front lawn and replace it with sod and we were allowed to cut bike paths in the lawn down to the dirt and go for it...the second was waving the white flag - allowing our then teen son to put his poetry on the walls of his room with black sharpie - it only took 3 coats of Kills to remove and he loved his walls :)

i am loving this new blog of yours. a gentle, just plain nice place to visit. thanks.

What a lovely idea to go wild! We go wild on walls TO BE papered that way when the paper gets stripped off next time there is a surprise underneath, or if we have moved there is a surprise for the next people! We always put a date on it then everyone knows when it was last decorated!

This is a great idea. When I was 12 my parents encouraged my creativity and let me decorate my wall with this crazy wave pattern and when I outgrew it I just went over it in a nice blue suede finish, but this seems like a good temporary way of letting them run loose.

I love the fact that you did that! It must have been a lot of fun and a great family memory made :-)

what a wonderful, funny, idea.

And now I am going to be singing the theme-song from "Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings" (which is what it was called here in the US; it ran on the old Captain Kangaroo show) all morning.

My sister and I got to do something similar to the walls in our bedroom right after we moved in. My mom was going to tear down the awful old paper and put up some new stuff so we went wild.

I love Simon's dimple chin! :)

What a fun thing to do!

What a brilliantly liberating drawing opportunity!

Several years ago we were getting a new couch. We let the boys take it out on to the road and break it into pieces before putting it into the car to go to the tip. They had such a good time and still talk about the great time they had that day.

and, guess what...9-1-2009 our first grandson was born, and his name is simon!so, imagine my surprise to see this photo!

When we were demolishing a wall in our home, we had a party and all the guests decorated with markers. The workers who came to demolish it were very amused! Something so wonderfully naughty about writing on the walls!

Another one here who was allowed to write on the walls when the old paper was off, and before the new went up. Only in pencil though!

We did the drawing on walls thing a couple of years ago and it ended up being there for around a year! We used charcoal though - no problem with covering it with paint. At the wake of a dear, departed (and too young) friend, his brother brought out his computer (which he hated) and invited everyone present to take a sledgehammer to it. Very liberating and a good way to deal with the frustration and anger. I like your new blog (it doesn't seem a lot different...?) and know nothing of the previous grief. It's your blog and you can do what you want to (as in "it's my party and i'll cry if i want to...")!

My husband reminded me that we (the 4 of us) all signed the walls behind our (no longer) new kitchen cabinets.

And once, in another house, while peeling wallpaper, we discovered the signatures of the paperhangers and high water mark from the flood that prompted the repapering. Scary, as it was 1/2 way up the second floor wall!

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