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March 20, 2009


My granny was called Iris so I always feel immediate affection towards the flowers. But this one.. gasp! Such deicate colouring. Very beautiful. t.x (thank goodness it didn't get yomped upon!)

Gosh it's petals look just like velvet. It's delicious!!

My daughter was almost an Iris, but she ended up an Ivy.
She is more than happy to share it with greenery and grannies!

I am so enjoying this series...lovely photos - thank you!

I too am enjoying this series, but I have a question about the title 'English Beauty'. I don't see how any of the things you are presenting are particularly 'English' except for the fact that you found them in England. Please don't take this as a criticism of the photos or the writing. I am interested in people's perceptions of nationalism and patriotism, so I find your perspective interesting... but I do think that while your series is certainly beautiful, it isn't 'English' in a larger sense. :)

Equisite, and how cleverly planted where the dwarf cyclamen leaves compliment the shape and enhance the colour. Definately on my garden wish list.
Looking at old photos of my garden, when it had belonged to my in laws and they were able to keep it tended, I saw a large clump of delicate iris. Excavating amongst the overgrown shrubs, cutting back and allowing light and space I have been thrilled by their reappearance after years of apparantly disappearing.

gorgeous photo, especially on the first day of spring!

This a beautiful flower. I have never seen one like this before. The colors are so wonderfully matched.

God's artwork always amazes me. It is a beauty to behold.

Go, God! What a masterpiece He made in this one...
thank you for sharing

I can see why you didn't make it to the butterflies!!

Thats such a beasutiful Iris. I sure wish spring will be here too soon. But right now snow drops is the only flower that blossoms here :)

Beautiful picture, thank you for sharing. It's an amazing flower, the colours are delicate and pure, looks like a porcelain.

I think that of all your recent photos of flowers or plants, this is the best. You left me with my mouth open. I wished we had this flowers in Mexico, we have iris but I don´t think we have this one.

Very beautiful, I love photographing irises, they have such a depth to them. Did you also notice that one of the green leaves to the top of your photo is in the shape of a heart?

Wow! I haven't seen this iris before but it's beautiful.

The iris is lovely! I was taking photos of crocus yesterday....but the iris are even more beautiful. I must admit a large smile burst onto my face at the thought of perpetual spinach!

I love irises! There are some tiny ones planted in the woods we go to and I took quite a few photos of them (must get around to posting them on my blog).

They really are one of the most beautiful flowers (IMHO).

What a delicate colour combination!! And this iris must be tiny, the way the leaves around it look!!

The spinach and Simon part made me laugh.

Cherry x

Do try growing them. I have found it an easy variety to grow and the clumps get bigger every year. They make a wonderful sight at the end of winter.

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