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April 13, 2009


What a gorgeous selection on colours x

My mum gave me Easter Parade yesterday as my Easter gift!


oh my that's a very impressive display! We have tulips wars in this house - hubby likes the classic red goblet. I love the frilly garish parrot varieties. Not really a satisfactory middle ground anywhere in-between! So I'll enjoy yours instead! t.x

Love the tulips, mine never grow like that!

Very pretty flowers. You always have beautiful tulips.

Tulips - my absolute favorite! These look look like the colors you have been gathering in your fabrics.
So, so pretty.

Yesterday I finished The Shuttle. You are right - it has Everything in it!

Your tulips make me want to design a kni tulip hat!

vocki is right, and i never saw it till i read her comment - these tulips are so like the fabrics you are using now!!
and they are still glorious!!
we are still enjoying the crocues, with tulips yet to come...

Your tulips are beautiful - like your blog which is one of my absolute favourite reads. Thank you for sharing!

Lovely tulips. Only two of our tulips have bloomed yet. There are a lot of buds and I am looking forward to colour in a few weeks.

Those tulips are stunning! They make me antsy to get home to Illinois to visit my parent's house and hang out in my Mom's flowers and Dad's vegetable patch. It is times like this that make me wish I was back in the country instead of the city.

How fun to pass on to the next generation a love of things from days gone by. I'm trying to do the same here, but it is a bit harder with boys, it seems!

Wow...they remind me of the fabric below...

Those are beautiful!

Those tulips are gorgeous! The only tulips I have are potted from the grocery store. The garden ones will be up in May when Ottawa has its annual tulip festival. The scilla,snow drops and crocses are bringing my garden to life and today my husband dug the veggie patch. I am with you about old musicals: my whole family loves them.

Oh, what lovely tulips... they are my favourite flowers!

Ours are in full bloom at the moment too.


Did you know that if you stick a pin through the neck of the tulip stem near the flower (and remove the pin) they will stand upright for much longer? Gorgeous collection.

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