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April 14, 2009


Your scraps are pretty. I like the waste bin too. It is pretty by itself.

When you can find such genuine joy in a waste basket, you know you have a healthy outlook on life. :-)

Do you always colour coordinate your bin with your toe nails?

What a pretty photo! I'm getting my first toes of the season in two days. Can't wait :)

My toes are a have a fresh coat of iridescent pinky-coral. Which incidentally does match my latest quilt. : )

Looks like you 'bin' busy!!! In all the years I have read your blog, I don't think I have seen your toes that color! I've seen numerous pinks and reds but not 'purple people eaters'. (that was a song from a long time ago, 1958, I think)

What a lovely, accommodating, modern-looking wastebasket the man has.

Meanwhile, if you insist on tossing all those perfectly usable scraps, perhaps you could bag them all up and have a draw among interested quilters.

Or at least put them all in a sealer jar and set them on your sewing room shelf, like I do.

Oh, and may we see the finished project? Pleeeease?

Great color combinations - I love the orange with everything!

Great photos! Shouldn't the office always look that way? ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

I still want to see the bin crazy patchwork! Why is there an old man sleeping in your study?! And it looks like someone has been making paper aeroplanes! t.x

mmm orange and green, one of my (many) favourite combos! Looking forward to seeing all these quilts ... and the book! Beautiful flowers for the last few posts too.

Can't wait to see the creation from this bin and what a great idea of where to put these scraps! I have a plastic bag...or rather several plastic bags of these scraps hanging on the back side of a closet door....not nearly as creative or as pretty as your idea!

Can I have all your scraps please?

Everytime I look at your web site - I get a little bit excited and want to call in sick and stay home and do fun stuff! You really are an inspiration!

More scraps........don't waste them make a crazy quilt. Do we get to see the finished quilt. I bet it will look like a beautiful sunrise looking at those colours.

So when can we start purchasing prints? I simply adore your photos! You should consider having an etsy store. I would buy them.

I don't stop painting my toe nails just because it is winter!

Please don't waste your scraps away in your waste fabric basket... go on make some crumbs.

I saw a lady at a Norwich Costume and Textile Association event who used all her scraps to wrap and roughly stitch/bind around a piece of cord. Then she wound the cord and stitched it to form a basket, it was wonderful. Perhaps you could use this with your scraps, easy to do whilst watching films etc.

this is the stuff I make things from - any chance of a lucky bag! ha ha

Lovely!! But I never toss my scraps, I always try to make baskets and doll quilts with them. I may have to try your purple toenail polish color - adorable! Life is meant to be lived in full color : )

I see you have lots of ideas for the scraps - actually quite inspiring just seeing the scraps - I would (if I had the time) knot together and knit a gigantic rug, oh hey... or rag rugs? anyway love your blog

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