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April 11, 2009


Excellent, does not look as though chocolate stains will show up on it either!

Mmmmmmmm....that looks warm, and it's not even a quilt yet! :-)

It looks especially beautiful next to the ranunculus and tulips below it.

beautiful just that beautiful
happy spring from florida

That is delicious.

What lucious fabric.
I see you are reading Engleby - what do you think? Quiet a departure, from his usual habitat.

I am really loving your fabric posts!!! Hard to pick a favorite when it comes to Philip Jacobs.

Another stunning Philip Jacobs fabric...drool.

Beautiful, particularly when combined with chocolate.

Wow, I didn't know that it was so easy to combine elegant and cheerful. I'd like to cover a whole sofa with that fabric. Can't wait to see some of the finished quilts in the book!

Am working on a new epic rose & lilac design this weekend for Westminster, also eating Easter eggs...

Beautiful fabric Jane! Happy Easter to you and yours...Debbie

oh my! If I were to eat chocolate eggs whilst stitching I just know the fabric would be covered in brown smudges! Can't wait to see the silk quilt! Sounds lush! t.x

Stunning Jane.
And so much like the previous photo!
Can't wait to see it made.

Hello again.

I love the warmness of the red. Which is it? Magenta? Also is there a basic quilters book you would recommend? Everything you do is soooo beautiful.

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