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May 26, 2009


It truly was the perfect weekend for that quilt! The backing is almost like rape fields!

So lovely to see a quilt post, I have really missed them.
That might just be enough inspiration for me to finish a "Rosy" that I started last summer.
Roll on the book x

What a beautiful quilt! xxx

it looks gorgeous! what do you line it with? or do i have to wait for the book to come out??

Absolutely beautiful!

Seriously seriously love it!!!

Very beautiful. I have just posted about one just like this xo

Love the colors.

That is beautiful!

Very pretty -- esp. in that light!

So rich and summery!

What a beautiful quilt.


How gorgeous and summery!

I love that pinup fabric. I have it with a blue background and have also used it in unexpected places!
Sara in Salt Lake City

Happiness is opening a Jane Brocket blog post and seeing one of her gorgeous quilt creations again, just like the olds days! Really Jane, it's absolutely exquisite in its flowery and bathing beauty loveliness! I adore your last photo with the dancing shadows...reminds me of a luminaria.


I had fogotten how much I enjoyed your quilts. Really beautiful.

The quilt makes me feel warm and summery!


So beautiful - and v exciting to see a quilt, the taste of things to come (can't wait for the book!!).

what beautiful fabrics!!

Yes that is very lovely, and I especially like the backing. I have a little neckerchief in a similar ochre print - I must find it.

Oh it's lovely Jane. I must confess I don't have the patience.

Absolutely beautiful!

That ochre-yellow is so cheerful and pretty. Nicer florals than Cath Kidston, too!

I absolutely adore it!!! beautiful! :)

So beautiful!!

That is an awesome quilt!

What a beautiful quilt! One to inspire me to actually try to make one similar to it. I do love the picture of the sun shining through it, don't you?

I absolutely adore this quilt Jane. TOTALLY and UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL. The colours are amazing and it's a great bit of photography - the light is gorgeous!

Just beautiful. Makes me feel very summery!

Simply gorgeous

What a beautiful quilt. The colors are incredible.

hi jane
ive just found your blog by chance, but im so glad i did. Your book is a favourite of mine, and now ive got your yummy blog to read too. think i'll grab a cup of tea and have a read!!!
felicity xx

Jane, what a lovely spot to capture the beauty of your quilt. It's gorgeous xxx

This is so beautiful, and so very happy!

Thanks for sharing something so lovely with us.



Jane, I heard about your book The Gentle Art of Domesticity around the blog world and read a copy from the library. I have to tell you, it was wonderful - inspiring. Forget the library, this is a book to own. So, I stopped by to tell you so and to thank you for all the inspiration. Because of you, I'm researching easy quilts for non-sewing complete beginners. I'm gonna do it. Thanks. Again and again.

Wow - that is gorgeous!! Now methinks I need to make a summer quilt.


I love the shadows on the back of the quilt!

What awesome colors. Did you not line it?

I adore the colors, so beautiful!

Wonderful quilt!!!!


The colours are so rich. So lovely!

Greetings from Australia,great quilt, its a bit bright for our strong sun. Do love you wonderful photoes the colour is so vibrant my favourite it the nasturitium I have a set of the same plates. The photo just blew me away.Jellyrolljan

just Glorious!

Just gorgeous. I love the unexpected addition of the A. Henry print.

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