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May 19, 2009


You are lucky, my neighbour has just cut down a beautiful rambling rose which used to climb over our fence :(

Oh how lovely! I hope the Montana is on their side too! My ma has a beautiful Hibiscus but because of where she planted it, as the flowers turn towards the sun through the day... they also turn away from her and show all their beauty to her neighbour! It annoys her every year but I'm sure the neighbours must be delighted! :-) t.x

Definitely a more than generous neighbour! Do the blooms have that very delicate fragrance like Johnson's babypowder? You have to go very close!

What a gorgeous wall of blossoms! That's the kind of neighbor everyone should have or be.

We have a good neighbour too - we have the best of the Honeysuckle our side of the fence, it is glorious in the summer

your pictures...so made me smile.

thanx for sharing!

Oh, how beautiful! I just love climbing flowers. I'll have to try planting some eventually.

Beautiful! Our clematis didn't fair very well this last winter and has very few blooms. Time to wack it down to the ground and let it grow back up again, I suspect.

Lucky you to have such a gorgeous boundary. Love your reference to Robert Frost too, he's always been one of my favourite poets, so evocative.

You are very lucky. We have a wonderful grey brick wall to look at.

I am lucky that all my neighbors live at least 40 acres away so that I cannot even see their houses, BUt if I did have a neighbor, I would hope to have one as generous as yours! That is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love clematis! I have never seen white! I must start the search for my own! WOW! And SO many blooms! Lucky, lucky, lucky! Revel in that! ~m

I have regularly stolen the best views of my neighbours' clematis. I give them Christmas cards. Seems a fair deal!

I have been to Bodnant Garden in North Wales today and what a spectacular display of azaleas and rhodos.Wish we had taken the camera

Totally off topic (but still in the bothanical area :D) today i saw this knitted bag and remenber when you where in a 'pineapple fase':
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2564573513

Absolutely gorgeous! I hope that I can grow something so wonderful if I ever get out of the city. Container gardening is great, but rarely achieves something as wonderful as these climbers.

What a beautiful flowery fence. I have been planting along my fence as well, and I can hardly wait for my fence to look like yours!

What ABUNDANT clematis! And such a beautiful color. I've never seen four-petaled ones.

What a neighbor! My goodness.

Beautiful! We also have a good neighbour who built a lovely fence and refused to take any money. I do love your Blog so much Jane!

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