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June 05, 2009


Absolutely, the most proper thing for a fairy cake are hundreds and thousands (and ice cream!).
My "would you rather?" question the kids like to corner me with at the moment is Jack Bauer or Dr Who!??
Don't make me choose!

When I was little we used to call hundreds and thousands, piecey tops, as they were obviously the pieces that went on the top! Almost the best bits.

Your Summer is being sprinkled with piecey tops rather than hundred and thousands!

Ooh, I've just noticed the Sophie Dahl book in your list. What do you think of it ? It's a little bit 'lifestyle' for me, but the first recipe I tried turned out brilliantly - and it was for something (banana bread) that I'd never liked previously. Probably the first cookery book where I'll be really upset if I get splodges over it.

I love putting a mini smartie on a pale pink iced cake and a little sprinkle of 100s and 1000s!

Congrats again on the upcoming book, and be sure you enjoy your well-earned pleasure reading! Now that summer's upon us, I'm pleasantly reminded of how quickly and easily I read things that are new to me and in English. :-) I may take some cues from your reading list, as I am almost out of Neil Gaiman!

In New England, they are called "Jimmies." When tourists get asked if they want jimmies on their ice cream cones (the most usual application here) they are often very confused.

But the colors of yours are very pretty.

I have just come across your book (and therefore your blog) and am just loving it!!! Thank you so much for all your inspiration. I had intended to only browse through your book, but started to read and realized I'd be reading every word. Can't wait to follow along on your blog.

I love 100s & 1000s, I remember when I was little Iused to lick my finger and dip it in the pot.

Interesting new term for me... 100's and 1000's sounds much more fun than sprinkles. I suppose the wet springs and summers of the midwest were what gave us that name instead. Enjoy your summer holidays, you really deserve it!

We call them "jimmies" in parts of California, too -- though I like "hundreds and thousands" better!

Recent convert to your book and blog here! Long-standing John Burningham fan , though, with two home educated children. We liked "Time to get out of the bath, Shirley" and "The Shopping Basket" - thanks for the re-kindled memories :)


LOl at Julie - I still do!!:)

i love the term "hundreds and thousands!" so much more fun than the american "sprinkles..."

I like the round ones best - pure prejudice - I"m sure there's no material difference. And I especially liked them sprinkled onto Angel Delight so that the colours ran and looked like it had rained a rainbow! Now, admit it - that list is a bit of a cheat - I'm willing to bet it's 'hundreds and thousands of books'. I'm also sure hubby is pleased he numbers only one! :-) t.x

I do believe on the little cakes there should be 100's and 1000's ...but when it comes to summer. I totally agree the number one is the best of all! Enjoy the summer and time with family and friends. Oh...and a few glasses of wine indeed!

I have fond memories of "Mr. Gumpy's Outing." (John Burningham) Does the cake for tea at the end of that have 100's and 1000's?

I am glad to hear that your life will be calming down a little, do enjoy those glasses of wine, and I am thrilled to come across the John Burningham book.

I like "hundreds and thousands" better than "sprinkles" and they look so beautiful on the cupcake... like a little burst of summer in your hand.

O.k. the secret's out! I just received an advance notice from Amazon UK about your next book. It looks like ripping good fun.

I just love the cupcakes and cakes you share on your site. It makes me want to catch a plane and come eat to my hearts content. Especially since I've hit 9 months today of pregnancy - that cupcake looks so yummy.

Bring a plate of cupcakes to an afternoon tea and people say in tones of anticipation and delight "oooo, sprinkles!" At birthday parties the adults are just as excited as the kids about the fairy bread. Sprinkles have universal appeal!

I love your book. I've enjoyed it every day since I won it on a favorite blog! Now, I'm a convert to your blog, too. You make the most beautiful cupcakes. YOU are a smarty.

I called them 100's and 1,000's as a child. Sainsbury's seem to call them sugar strands now, which is quite pretty but not the same. Looking forward to your next book post, Jane.

In my years as a Nanny I organized many childrens parties. The ultimate treat was 100's and 1000's sprinkled on pieces of white bread and butter, then cut into fancy shapes with cutters- the whole plate would disappear in minutes!
John Burnigham was much loved bedtime reading- Mr Gumpy's Outing especially.
Enjoy your summer, well deserved.

As a child I never enjoyed hundreds and thousands at parties. As an adult I get a lot more pleasure out of sprinkling them over everything with my daughter when baking. In Australia they have a version called Dollar Dazzlers which are not as good in my opinion.

Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer was mentioned in this morning's free Metro! It was on a double spread about 50s revival. I'll scan it when I get home and send it to you :)

sounds like the perfect summer plan.

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