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June 15, 2009


Oh, thank you for sharing! I like your childlike heart. It is VERY refreshing!

Sounds like you had a really lovely time.

Yay for another book!!!!

Ohhh...did you go to whitstable?

Oh! All the things I love- sitting beaches, knitting, talking about knitting, eating cakes, drinking wine and tea.

Oh my that looked better than all the spas in England! What a tonic! t.x

We have a very nice yarn store right by a lake here in my town. S'the closest thing to "knitting on the beach" the midwest has to offer, and I must say, it's quite nice. I do miss the ocean, though. Can't wait for your book! :-D

Nice post - I was knitting at the shore yesterday :)



Oh my gosh...The Family From One End Street! I loved all those Ruggles and have all three of the books. I was a lucky kid...my mom had an account with Parkers and Sons in Oxford so I grew up with lots of Puffin books. And all those characters...the One End Street kids, Professor Branestawn, the Magic Pudding, Mumfie, etc. were such a part of my childhood. One of my favorites was The Fair to Middling by Arthur Calder-Marshall. Do you know that one? Wonderfully magical.

What!? Ive read your blog regularly for years now, and somehow missed the fact that you've written 'Ripping Things To Do.' I thought you went straight from Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer to the Quilting book (which I can't wait to see!) How could I miss something so important!
Now, to add that one to my 'want to buy' list!

Yay for a knitting book.
That's one thing you can do in England that you can't comfortably do here - knit at the beach in the summer! I have, however, knit and crocheted away during many winter visits to the beach, especially granny squares which fit easily in pockets. I read and re-read The Family at One End Street as a child, definitely on my list of favourites.

OMG - you had sherbet lemons!
Here in the States, they are not readily available.
On occasion, I have been able to buy some in Ontario, Canada.
I first read about them in the UK edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dumbledore always had some in his pocket.
The US edition, as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone changed them to lemon drops (a hard candy here in the US with no fizzy center - clearly not the same).
I will now have to make a trip back to Canada!

I read How the Heather Looks as a teen and loved it. It is a wonderful book written by an American woman who takes her family on a trip in search of the places of English children's literature.

Love the Ruggles family and the chapter you referenced! Both the books you've written sound like ones I'll have to get.

I knit at the beach, even though it is hot in Alabama summer - wool socks or squares for a blanket, even sleeves for a sweater are knittable as long as there's a breeze!

Jane, have you watched the movie "My Family and Other Animals"? If not, RUN to do so. :-) Mrs Durrell knits in the boat, knits by the sea, knits in the garden...every time I watch it (and I watch it often!) I feel myself sinking down into the comfort of another era and wanting to pull out my knitting needles and go sit by my own piece of ocean - with a pot of tea. It's just lovely. :-)

It's so exciting to learn of a movie of "My Family and Other Animals"! Thanks for mentioning this, it is a favorite book.

I think your last photo of the glass of wine by the sea should be voted the best picture of the year. It looks, inviting, serene, enticing, relaxing, calming, soothing, dreamy, quiet, peaceful, tranquil, and very therapeutic. Beautiful, just beautiful!

That all sounds heavenly! Beautiful photos, too. :)

Oh, yes! A stripy 40s jumper in chocolate satins colours!

Hi Jane,
Am a very new fan of yours, having been drawn to the pink heart on the cover of the Gentle Art in my local HomeSense (home version of TK Maxx - fab for all things homely and especially kitcheny). Had no idea what I was buying, but just had to buy the book because of the beautiful cover and fab title. Dipped into it that evening, and went back the next day to buy the other copy for my good friend who lives in London. Hers arrived by first class post the following day and by the weekend, her whole family were hooked!
Since then we've met up at the seaside and painted, knitted and baked bread together. You have definitely reawakened our creativity - thank you, you're an inspiration!!
Never followed a blog before either, but just love yours, and am waiting for my copy of Cherry Cakes to arrive.
From a fellow languages teacher, mum, fairy cake baker and amateur knitter. Keep up the good work xx

Seaside knitting. How tranquil and yet so mesmermizing.

Beauty in stitches, wine & the tang of fruity candies.

How lovely.

Will I be able to get this book in the USA? I was able to purchase a couple of your books here and would like to continue to do so.

Dear Jane

Thank you so much for the beauty and happiness you share with us. At the moment I'm eulogising over The Gentle Art (Cherry Cake was a recent birthday present - thank you for your email Jane - Emma B you are going to really love this book). Am really looking forward to the quilting and knitting books.

The Family from One End Street and knitting on the beach - what more could one ask for to warm the heart! Thank you again for the happiness you spread.

Deborah Bartlett

Sounds absolutely wonderful. I always take some knitting or sewing with me whenever we go away.
That is the most beautiful clematis I have ever seen!

Looking forward to your new book. I really enjoyed the Gentle of Domesticity.

Hello. Because I like your work and your lovely blog, you've been AWARDED !!!

I couldn't be more excited at the idea of a knitting book from Jane Brocket! Can't wait!

Sherbet lemons and choc. satins. You are a wicked woman! Suddenly I am yrs old again and standing in the corner shop, eyeing the tall glass sweet jars behind the counter!

Thank you for reminding me about "The Family from One End Street." It was the first book we read in English classes at my secondary school and it made a huge impression on my 11 year old self. Up til then, literature had consisted of Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden. My eyes were opened onto a world of books I didn't even know existed.Sadly, English lessons were not accompanied by chocolate satins or knitting but I did manage to acquire both in later life!

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