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August 30, 2009


The camera is only part of a great picture. The photographer has to capture the "feeling" of the subject in a way that it speaks to the viewer, without words, what the photographer is "feeling".

Your photos are beautiful. I love the Sweet Peas.

Well, you've certainly got the hang of it - beautiful photos, and not at all discombobulated! I'm still on auto most of the time, so I am very impressed!

Pomona x

The photos are amazing. I love the fennel and the blue skies. Looking forward to seeing a lot more!

When I got my new camera, I feel in love with the aperture button! After seeing your fennel picture I am going to predict that you go the same way!

I think your photos have more to do with your eye for colour than the camera - they're always amazing. I love the fennel against the sky.

Your lovely compositions can only be made lovelier with a sparkly new camera

Fantastic photos! I have never heard of this camera before.

Maybe it's just my imagination but I looked over your photos and I do see a distinct difference in the photos before and after August 14. The new camera makes your photos sharper, clearer, much more defined, almost as if I bought a new and improved pair of progressive eyeglasses. Guess I don't have to say, have fun with your new camera. It's pretty obvious you are already doing so! Really lovely photos, by the way.

Jane your photos are always beautiful - obviously your good eye as much as the camera - but how nice to have a lovely new camera to see with. The results are stunning.

Time to update your "My Photos" blurb then! Congrats on the new toy and have fun with it.

Love the fennel pic! I've tried to get a similar picture with Queen Anne's Lace (which is very similar to the fennel, but whiter and frillier), but have not been totally satisfied with any of my efforts so far.

the leica is pretty awesome.
your photos are fabulous.

Beautiful photos as usual -I am very jealous! xxx

Those are beans?!?! I have to try to make a bean tunnel next summer!! We've tried a bean teepee, but a tunnel would be so much fun for the children!

what is a rhubarb forcer? I think I need one!!

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