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September 18, 2009


That's harsh! Surely beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if Kaffe thought it was good enough for his book then I think that is a prize enough!

As they say, you can't please all of the people all of the time!

Have a nice weekend.

ouch! is all I have to say on that!

How rude!

Maybe the poor dear was having a bad day, and wanted to take it out on someone. I'm with Claire above - if Kaffe in his majesty and wisdom allows you into his book, then that must be the ultimate accolade. And remember that unconstructive criticism tells you more about the critic than the subject under question. And I think the quilt is positively luminescent in its beauty, it has brought some pleasure in my day in seeing the picture of it, and I wish I could make quilts like you, too! Just avert your gaze from unpleasantness - apparently the Queen Mother did, and she lived a long and happy life (interview on Woman's Hour yesterday!). Listen to it - it'll make you laugh. And have a gold star on me!

Pomona x

Although it was not the most kindhearted comment, I do hope you can laugh - (I think you are, in fact) - I absolutely LOVE the quilt and can't imagine that someone might not feel the same way. Chalk it all up to different strokes for different folks.♥

Oh yes, I am laughing!

Delighted you like the quilt. For the record - so do I.

ugly? its amazing!

Seeing your quilt in the book, got me started on a fabric buying spree that isnt over yet! Why do we always remember the one negative remark in the midst of so many positive?

I think it's marvellous and can't wait to read the book and have a go at one of my own. Some people have no taste!

Last winter, I bought the "kit" for this beautiful quilt and, as luck would have it, I had planned to spend this entire weekend working happily away on it. It will only increase my delight to know it is a prize winner! Lovely pictures! Thank you so much.

Some people have no taste whatsoever! When I saw that quilt it inspired me to have a go at one just like that.

That comment is in bad taste on so many levels.

The quilt is gorgeous.

There are a lot of quilts I have trouble with, but that is far from an ugly quilt. If I had that at my disposal I'd snuggle down in that in public in a heartbeat. Which reminds me of how much I wish the concept of duvet days as depicted in those Lenor adverts were a reality... *yearns to wander around town swaddled in an attractive quilt*

Lol! The reviewer was probably a fan of traditional tiny prints in subdued reproduction fabrics -- something I frankly find rather drab and ugly (and that style put me off quilting for years!). I notice lots of old fashioned quilters commenting as such on modern quilting books. To each their own!

Your quilt is beautiful, simple as that. Glad you're laughing about the comment!

Whatever happened to "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Nevermind, it is a beautiful quilt and anyone would be lucky to be snuggled up in it. I was so inspired by The Gentle Art of Domesticity (have read it twice already) and your quilts that I did my very first large patchwork blanket. I love the way it turned out (there is a post on my blog). Keep creating, you are an inspiration to many.

It is a stunning quilt!

Wow. I wonder if the person making the "ugly" comment has ever got a quilt published in a book?

(Personally, I like the strong saturated colors in the quilt.)

I may say of quilts or sweaters, "Those are not the colors I'd have chosen" but that recognizes people have differences in taste.

One thing I will say I'm learning as I "grow up" is that when people make comments like that, it usually tells you more about the person commenting, than the person being commented on.

I loved this quilt of yours on many levels; the design, the colours, its simplicity but mostly I loved the immediate interest that having two columns of stripes set against each other in a staggered way, offers. It is clever and well thought through and that always appeals to me. I immediately put it on my list of Quilts To Be Made (currently #4!). The Amazon comment is at best unhelpful, and at worst, unpleasant - take the high moral ground - a very comfortable place to be!!

Your quilt is juicy and joyful - I think that reviewer has a very narrow idea of what a quilt should look like. We all love it!

Ummmm ..... congratulations???

Jane, I have enjoyed your blog for years and never commented. I love the Allotment quilt - in fact it inspired my first venture into quilting.I made an "Allotment "designed quilt for my daughter to take to college. Your delightful prose, and beautiful photography have made your blog my favorite.

It is NOT ugly! I think it's gorgeous and inspiring!

Ha ha! I'm in the US, and love the big modern bold prints I see on various blogs. But none of the local quilt shops carry them. I was surprised at how daring my color choices for quilts allegedly were. But I know Kaffe from knitting, so I guess that had led me astray!

Jane, you're a kind of King Midas of golden beauty. Inded, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Comments and reviews are available for people to share "their" comments or reveiws. Just because a person doesn't like something doesn't mean that their comment or reveiw shouldn't be shared.

I think your quilt is beautiful Jane. I love the photographs that you have taken of it as always it has brought a ray of bright colors into my day.

I love the quilt!

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone, said Dorothy Parker. That person's words were ugly - the quilt IS beautiful! We come to your blog time and again for your beautiful photographs, cakes, crafts, gardens and treats - but also for your lovely, gentle manner. You keep inspiring us all!

What a sumptuous combination of fabrics -- stunning quilt!

Chacun ses goûts - but for my part I so LOOOOOVE your quilts. More contemporary in nature - maybe that's what that person did not like !

Actually, I'm off to buy this book now. Your beautiful quilt sold me on it.

Congratulations on your prize! Your quilt is so rich and beautiful.

It's telling, though, that her website is called www.kafferejectedmyquiltdesign.com.

Just saying.

Someone else has probably already suggested the same thing, but I bet that commenter/book purchaser is a wannabe Jane Brocket-quality quilter, isn't, knows it, and is insanely jealous.

I say, it is vibrant and delicious and I would love to have it coloring a room in my house!

Wow. That quilt is beautiful. I love those hot colors. The rude commenter is just that. Rude.

If that's the 'ugliest' quilt in the book, then I am rushing straight out to buy a copy!


I think it's beautiful, and lovely in it's rich colours! And as always very nice photos.


Well, before I started reading I looked at the photo and said "That's pretty!" Then I read your words and had a good laugh. To each his own.

It's vibrant, gorgeous, and right up my lively younger sister's alley. I gravitate toward delicate calico and old floral bed sheets. Of course, I'm also the girl who took one look at the infamous crocheted ripple afghan pattern, and promptly made one for myself in ecru cotton. I strongly suspect there are times I might be missing the point completely :). All said, it's a beautiful quilt. Congratulations.

What a butt.

I love this quilt!

You know better than to believe that! It's a gorgeous quilt, a fantastic design and you must be proud of it.

I personally love the quilt and have it tagged in the book as a future project. What an honor to be in Kaffe's book.

Sounds like the Amazon reviewer was suffering from a case of sour grapes. I love that quilt - design and colors!

I love the bright colours, just like a garden view. Some people need to keep their bad moods to themselves :)

No taste obviously. I loved it in The Gentle Art of Domesticity and I love it here. Your beautiful vibrant quilts inspired me to take up quilting... that says it all!

Jane, I've been wanting to make that quilt ever since I bought Kaffe's book! And it inspired me to buy your Gentle Art book as well. The good news is that there are 2 positive mentions of your quilt on the US Amazon site.

Jane, I think it's absolutely gorgeous!

I love it! Possibly was written by someone without a clue!!

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